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Get Started with the New Lease Accounting Standards

Use Our Online Lease Accounting Guide to Learn, Plan and Implement Your Project.

Get up to speed on the new FASB and IFRS standards. Review our Top 10 List of documents from the Big Four, IASB and FASB.  More.

Learn the 10 Teams you need to involve in your project. Understand the role of Treasury, Procurement, Finance, IT and Real Estate. More.

Estimate how much it will cost to gather the data, install the software and perform the accounting transition. Scope your level of time and effort. More.

Learn about our the key features of an Enterprise Lease Accounting application  Asset-Level Sub-Ledger, Lease Classification Testing and ERP Integration. More.

Enterprise Lease Accounting  Software

Optimize Your Real Estate and Equipment Leasing Programs.

Asset Level Accounting

Our Enterprise Lease Accounting Software will generate all the asset-level data needed for your balance sheet and income statement. Comply with the current and future US GAAP and IFRS standards. More.

Lease Versus Buy Analysis

Tell us the vehicles, technology or equipment you are buying and your financing rate.  With just a few mouse clicks we will show you comparisons of cash flows, tax costs and accounting classifications. More.

Lease Administration

Manage all of your real estate, IT, vehicle and equipment leases from a single application. Enable desktop audits and performance analysis with always up-to-date records for all your leases. More.

End-of-Term Management

Never miss a notification deadline again. Our automated workflows help you track when assets are coming off lease so you can avoid evergreen rentals and costly penalties. More.

More Competitive Financing Rates

Upload your IT, vehicle or equipment leasing RFP and we will auto-magically match you to hundreds of leasing companies on our global network who want to compete for your business. More.

Analyze Your Leasing Performance

Understand what you are leasing and from whom. Measure the performance of your leasing portfolio.  Answer all the question your controller, treasurer and auditors are asking. More.

Serving Top-Performers In the Fortune 500

Save 10-12% on Your Leasing Program with Enterprise Lease Accounting Software.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

In the first 18 months, through LeaseAccelerator's RFP process, we have successfully competed and awarded $41.7MM of equipment leases and lease-lines (including forklifts, automobiles, IT/servers, furniture & fixtures, broadcast/audio-visual, heavy equipment, etc.) in several countries and generated over $2.7MM of realized savings, which is an ROI of 12.8%.

Carol Pennington, Director, Treasury Projects - Cummins

We chose LeaseAccelerator because their technology and expertise delivered substantial visibility and savings to our capital expenditure finance processes.

Dale Reid, Treasurer, CFO - ATI

Without a Company such as LeaseAccelerator to manage and control the procure-to-pay process, and provide independent analysis and advice, we simply would not be doing leasing today and could not have managed this tremendous growth.

Chris Afarian, Assistant Treasurer NetApp Inc.

In 2007, Eaton saved $2.2 million on $12 million in leasing volume, thanks in part to LeaseAccelerator's services, which helped us achieve the best price from among competing lessors.

Trent Meyerhoefer, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer – Capital Markets - Eaton Corporation

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White Papers, Handbooks and Research Studies

10 Steps to Collecting Your Lease Accounting Data

eBook: Lease Accounting Data – 10 Steps to Collecting

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The industry’s most comprehensive guide to collecting your lease accounting data. Follow our 10-step methodology to understand what data you need; where to find it; how to abstract it and how to clean it up. Over 50 pages of best practices and diagrams illustrate the process step by step.

How to Get Started with Your Lease Accounting Project

Lease Accounting Executive Guide

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Designed for Controllers and CFOs, this guide outlines the steps you should take in the first 90 days to get your lease accounting project started. Learn how to: understand the biggest implementation challenges; assess your existing processes; and take an enterprise wide census of your leases.

Lease Accounting Software Brochure

Lease Accounting Software Brochure

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Learn how our Lease Accounting functionality is one of the fastest ways to transition to the new lease accounting standards. This brochure will explain the implementation deadlines; differences between real estate and equipment leases; and key systems that need to be integrated with lease accounting.

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