Lease Accounting Software Two Minute Overview

Video: Lease Accounting Software

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Are you in the process of implementing the new lease accounting standards? Do you need a single lease accounting engine that can handle not only real estate, but your fleet, IT, aircraft, material handling and other equipment leases? Do you need an application that will support the US GAAP and IFRS standards, both current and future? Do you need a software package that tracks leases not just at the schedule level, but the asset level as well?

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FEI National Lease Accounting Conference Panel

FEI Panel – Where’s the App?

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FEI National Lease Accounting Conference

Watch Panelists from PWC, SAP, LeaseAccelerator and Accruent debate the role of technology in complying with the New Lease Accounting Standards.

Watch a replay of the technology provider panel from FEI’s June 2016 National Lease Accounting Conference.  Leasing experts from PWC, SAP, LeaseAccelerator and Accruent discuss the challenges of implementing the new standards for real estate and various types of equipment.  The capabilities, benefits and ROI of enterprise lease accounting software are also discussed.

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White Papers, Webinars and Research Studies

Asset Level Lease Accounting White Paper

Asset Level Lease Accounting White Paper

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Learn the differences between contract-level and asset-level lease accounting in this technical white paper. Review examples of the impact of asset-level decisions, judgments and events for material handling, data center and IT equipment.

Lease Accounting Cost Savings

Lease Accounting Cost Savings eBook

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Considering Lease Accounting Software to comply with the new FASB or IFRS standards? Download this eBook to understand the potential time and cost savings opportunities resulting from automation of lease classification and financial reporting.

10 Steps to Collecting Your Lease Accounting Data

eBook: Lease Accounting Data – 10 Steps to Collecting

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The industry’s most comprehensive guide to collecting your lease accounting data. Follow our 10-step methodology to understand what data you need; where to find it; how to abstract it and how to clean it up. Over 50 pages of best practices and diagrams illustrate the process step by step.

Video: Lease versus Buy

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Lease versus Buy Analysis

Ensure You are Making the Best Economic Decisions for IT, Fleet and Other Equipment Acquisitions

Is your leasing program decentralized with buyers all over the world in different operating divisions?  No problem. We’ll help you empower your buyers while giving you oversight and control. We’ll give decision makers in each country and business unit our Asset Request Form. It’s an easy-to-use tool that they can use to submit a lease versus buy analysis request. And it doesn’t require an MBA in corporate finance to use.

You input the specifics of the deal such as the equipment cost and the length of the term.  We’ll use your company’s financial variables — Think Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) and Internal Borrowing Rate (IBR) —  to perform a lease versus buy analysis. The results are stored in our database in case an auditor or your CFO asks for the rationale behind a particular leasing decision.

Calculate Your Potential ROI from Better Equipment Lease Management.

Managing Your Equipment Leases

Video: Lease Administration

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During the term of a 36, 48 or 60 month lease a lot can happen to your equipment. It can be moved, maintained, repaired, upgraded, lost, damaged or stolen. And your business may have thousands of different pieces of equipment you are leasing (from forklifts and furniture to IT and office equipment) being used by thousands of employees around the world in many different countries.

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Sourcing Your Equipment Leases

Video: Competitive Sourcing

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Learn how to save 6-8% on your equipment leases with competitive bidding and best practices in spend management. Learn how LeaseAccelerator’s software can automate your lease sourcing process by automatically generating RFPs; distributing them to hundreds of lessors; then analyzing and ranking the responses.

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The Secret Lives of Accountants

Secret Lives of Accountants

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Accountants Lead Secret Lives of Intrigue

Listen to the Latest Chapter of the Secret Lives of Accountants – FASB’s New Lease Accounting Rules.

When most people think of the accounting profession – they think of a life of boredom.  But in fact, these financial professionals leave secret lives of intrigue.  And their lives are about to get much more interesting with FASB’s latest standard on lease accounting (ASU 2016-02).

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