100 Data Fields to Collect

For Your Lease Accounting Project

100 lease accounting data fields to collect

The new accounting standards, ASC 842 and IFRS 16, require leases to be tracked at the asset level. That means collecting a lot of data fields from different leasing documents that could be scattered in spreadsheets, systems, and file cabinets throughout the organization. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of data you need to collect, this document is a great place to start. It lists 100 lease accounting data fields that you need to collect from your leases.

What’s Included

Know What to Collect

  • Payment related fields: base rent payment, quantity, repayment mode, and more
  • Expense related fields: CAMs charges, initial direct costs, late payment fees, and more
  • End-of-term related fields: Options, end-of-term plans, early termination fee, and more

For Each Data Field Learn:

  • Learn the definition of the field
  • Learn why it’s important for lease accounting
  • Fill out which leasing document it can be found in

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