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Lease Accounting Software Demo

Lease Accounting Software – Demo

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Watch a Demo of our Lease Accounting Software

Comply with the Current and New FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16 Lease Accounting Standards.

In this short, two-minute demo learn how you can use LeaseAccelerator’s Lease Accounting Software to:

  • Manage Asset Level Details – For leased equipment including cost centers, equipment owners and serial numbers.
  • Push Journal Entries to ERP – Send credits and debits to SAP or Oracle at a portfolio, schedule or asset level
  • View Lease Accounting Reports – To show cash flow run-off for your portfolio; allocate invoices to cost centers; or view roll-forward reports to analyze all activity within a given accounting period.
  • Comply with New Standards – Understand how to comply with new FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16 standards along with the existing FASB ASC 840 and IFRS 17 rules.

Our Lease Accounting Software includes

  • Lease classification testing to distinguish between finance leases and operating leases.
  • Multiple ledgers to support the comparative, historical reporting requirements.
  • Journal entries for major lifecycle events throughout the lease including commencement, mid-term and end-of-term.
  • Calculations of monthly expense recognition, payment, principle reduction, short and long term reclassifications.
  • Interfaces of all debits and credits to SAP, Oracle and other General Ledger applications.
  • Hundreds of data attributes can be tracked for each individual asset along with all the judgments, calculations, emails and supporting documentation.
  • Roll Forward, Trial Balance, Future Obligations by Period and Lease Classification Accounting Treatment reports and many more.
  • “Corporate” controlled settings (e.g. Incremental Borrowing Rate, Economic Life) for consistent accounting policies across the organization.

Calculate Your Potential ROI from Better Equipment Lease Management.

Expert Guide | Lease Accounting Audit Completeness

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Learn the different strategies for validating completeness of your lease population, including stakeholder surveys, systems of record, and controls, to be able to identify lease contracts that may otherwise be overlooked.

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Expert Guide | Real Estate Lease Cost Savings

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Software/Systems Trainer

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The LeaseAccelerator Product and Partner Trainer is a key player supporting our ELA SaaS solution which is experiencing very high growth in the market. The Trainer is responsible for ensuring that our customers receive exceptional user training on our application and relevant best practices supporting their financial accounting compliance and operational activities. The Trainer will also ensure that our resource partners are knowledgeable in key areas, including lease management best practices and procedures, lease accounting compliance requirements, and selling and implementing the LeaseAccelerator SaaS solution.

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