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LeaseAccelerator Webinar Technical Support

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Having Trouble Accessing a Webinar?

Contact us at

Our technical support staff monitor this mailbox before, during, and after live webinar sessions.

Why is there no dial-in information?

The webinar platform that we use only supports computer audio. Be sure that the volume is turned on. If you are having trouble hearing contact us at

How do I ask a question?

All participants are muted during the call. To submit a question see the “Questions and Answers” box in the webinar console platform. We apologize in advance if we are not able to answer your question during the live session. We typically get many more questions than we have time to respond to.

Will the slides be made available?

Yes! All registrants will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days of the live webinar with a link to a replay of the recording and a downloadable PDF of the slides.

Will a replay of the webinar be available?

Yes! All registrants will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days of the live webinar with a link to a replay of the recording and a downloadable PDF of the slides.

Why didn't I receive a registration link via email?

You should have received an email confirmation immediately following your registration for the webinar. We also send a reminder one hour before the live session. Unfortunately, sometimes these emails get lost in spam filtering gateways and end up in your junk mail. We apologize for the inconvenience. Email us at if you need to get another copy of the link.

Other questions?

Email us at

90 Day Countdown Checklist

90 Things to Do Before the Lease Accounting Deadline

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The initial deadlines for the new lease accounting standards are now less than 90 days away and widespread panic is beginning to set in. Most companies are behind schedule either because they underestimated the level of complexity associated with adoption or because of the ripple effects of delays in related projects such as revenue recognition.

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On-Demand Webinar | Lessons Learned from Implementing ASC 842

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Lease Accounting Panel

Learn the Top Five Lessons from Real World Implementations

RGP LeaseAccelerator webinar
LeaseAccelerator logo

Watch the Replay

Top 5 Lessons Learned Webinar

A panel of experts from RGP and LeaseAccelerator will draw upon real world implementations of ASC 842 to discuss:

  • Budgeting and Planning – How to estimate the project timeline and budget for implementation
  • Leasing Data – How to inventory your leases, abstract the data from leases, and collect additional details from users
  • Project Team – Who to involve on the core team and how to get participation from lines of business
  • Testing – How to design test plans, select sample leases, and execute test plans to ensure accounting accuracy
  • Controls – Which processes, policies, and controls to ensure internal controls over financial reporting
  • Project Governance – How to approach communications with the CFO, CEO, and audit committee

Featured Presenters

Shauna Watson RGP 10 ten lease accounting questions

Shauna Watson

Vice President

Global Head of Technical Accounting


Michael Allen

Lead Partner

Lease Accounting


Mark Koppersmith

Vice President

Customer Experience


First Lease Accounting Audit Article

Five Strategies to Ensure Completeness of Your Lease Population

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What items will external auditors be focused on after the implementation deadline for lease accounting? There has been little guidance published by the big four firms yet. However, one topic that is raised by auditors at almost every lease accounting conference is the importance of completeness. Specifically, how do you know that you have identified a complete population of all the leases across your enterprise?

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Executive Guide | Equipment Leasing Cost Savings

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Learn the 10 opportunities to reduce the costs of your equipment leases in this eBook. Strategies include competitively sourcing new leases, minimizing interim rent payments, and reducing unplanned evergreen fees.

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15 Critical Success Factors for Your Equipment Leasing Program

Learn how to competitively source financing and proactively manage the end of term for your lease portfolio.

Real Estate Lease Administration Cost Savings Guide

Topics include uncollected subtenant rent, overdue security deposits, forfeited tenant allowances, and missed renewal dates.

Lease Accounting Cost Savings

Understand the potential cost savings opportunities resulting from automation of record-to-report.

Executive Guide | Lease Accounting Project Budget

By | Download

Creating your FASB lease accounting budget will be challenging as there are few, if any, external benchmarks available to use as a foundation for your assumptions and estimates.

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How to Get Started with Your Lease Accounting Project

Understand the key risks and challenges of the lease accounting implementation, how to budget, and how to estimate the implementation time frame.

Lease Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

The Evaluation Guide includes a comprehensive checklist of features for real estate and equipment lease accounting and administration.

Accelerate Your Lease Accounting Project eBook

By applying one or more of these techniques, you may be able to shave weeks, if not months, from your timeline.