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2021 Global Lease Accounting Survey Results

The 2021 Global Lease Accounting Survey Results are in! Read key findings from the survey conducted by Ernst & Young LLP (EY) and LeaseAccelerator and get access to the full report.

ASC 842 compliance | Lease Accounting Standards | Long Term Compliance | Private Companies

Ten Steps to Accelerating Your Lease Accounting Project

Follow these ten implementation steps to save time and reduce risk as you lay the foundation for long-term sustainable compliance.

ASC 842 compliance | IFRS 16 compliance | Lease Accounting Standards | Managed Services

EY Better Finance Podcast: Lease Accounting Transformation Interview with LeaseAccelerator

EY and LeaseAccelerator discuss the state of lease accounting, covering topics including compliance standards and the opportunity it brings to transform leasing into a value center.

ASC 842 compliance | IFRS 16 compliance | Long Term Compliance | Private Companies

Improving ASC 842: A letter to FASB

Recently, Len Neuhaus, CPA, VP of Lease Accounting, submitted a letter on LeaseAccelerator’s views and requests for improvements to the FASB ASC 842 standard.

ASC 842 compliance | Lease Lifecycle Automation | Long Term Compliance

Adapt to the “New Normal” With a Lease Lifecycle Approach

Faced with a new set of rules powered by a remote and decentralized workforce, new cash management strategies, and shifting real estate and equipment lease needs...

ASC 842 compliance | Best Practices | IFRS 16 compliance

Life Rafts and Ports: Leasing Takes Many Forms by Sea

Although most cruise vacations may be paused right now, global cruise line corporations continue to leverage leasing as a strategic financial tool to enhance cash flow and reduce firm-wide risk.

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Leasing Compliance Lessons for Private Companies and Government Organizations

If you’re in a private company or government organization, you get an extra year to prepare for lease management compliance with ASC 842 and GASB 87.