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IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

Webinar Replay Lease Accounting Demo – Easier IFRS 16 Compliance

Watch a demonstration of how EZLease lease accounting can provide you with a low-cost solution that will save you money and minimize IFRS 16 risk.

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

Automating IFRS 16 lease accounting

Listen to leasing experts from Deloitte and LeaseAccelerator to hear practical examples of how to build a business case to automate IFRS 16 lease accounting

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

Maximising the return on your IFRS 16 investment

Listen to leasing experts from PWC, CBRE and LeaseAccelerator to hear practical examples of how to maximise your IFRS 16 investment.

IFRS 16 Compliance | Lease Management | Webinars

Excelling beyond IFRS 16: A practical guide to moving off spreadsheets to manage lease accounting

Listen to experts from Deloitte, CBRE and LeaseAccelerator as they review the IFRS 16 lease accounting journey thus far and delve into the practicalities of implementing an alternative solution to spreadsheets.

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

Leveraging the hidden benefits of IFRS 16: The real questions CFOs should be asking their finance team.

Hear from experts from PwC, King & Wood Mallesons and LeaseAccelerator as they share real-world experiences from the recent financial reporting period...

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

How to excel without spreadsheets – An IFRS 16 case study – Deloitte

Uncover the key challenges with spreadsheets for lease accounting compliance, from data capture and governance through to core accounting treatments...

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

IFRS 16 Panel: Delivering Business Benefits after Compliance

Learn practical ways of going beyond compliance to get business benefits, such as more effective contract management, cost control and improved Lease vs. Buy analysis.

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

Customer Panel: IFRS 16 – An opportunity to Remediate, Optimise and Innovate

Join Deloitte and LeaseAccelerator experts as they reflect on lessons learned after working with numerous organisations to comply with the new IFRS 16 standard.

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

IFRS 16: Compliance with Automation

LeaseAccelerator shares real-world perspectives on how to apply IFRS 16 and leverage automation for scaling and sustaining lease accounting compliance.

IFRS 16 Compliance | Webinars

IFRS 16: Are You Ready for the April 2020 Deadline?

Learn how a SaaS solution for IFRS 16 can provide ROI while also reducing complexity, cost pressure, and compliance risk.