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COVID19 | Lease Management | Webinars

Recalibrating Real Estate Leases

Learn several concrete steps you can take today and tomorrow, to help reduce costs, increase cash flow, and prepare for our return to the new normal.

Lease Management | Webinars

Uncover Savings with Competitive Sourcing

Finance and electronic marketplace experts share real-world case studies on how new sourcing technologies can significantly reduce costs and uncover hidden savings.

ASC 842 Compliance | Lease Management | Webinars

Planning for 2020: Lease Lifecycle Management

Join the FENG (Financial Executives Consulting Group) for a practical discussion to automate end-to-end lease lifecycle management and administration.

ASC 842 Compliance | GASB 87 Compliance | IFRS 16 Compliance | Lease Management | Webinars

Lease Accounting 2.0 – The Next Evolution of Lease Accounting

After initial lease accounting compliance success, achieve and maintain compliance through automation and eliminating manual workarounds.

Lease Management | Webinars

Automate the Lease Accounting Close

Learn practical steps and best practices for automating the close process, taking time, cost, risk and effort out of lease accounting.

Lease Management | Webinars

Cummins Inc. Case Study – Implementing a Global Equipment Lease Management Program

Learn how Cummins Inc., a global power solutions leader, saved millions on equipment leasing with best practices for transforming their global leasing program. Watch Now »