The first children's book about lease accounting!

Lisa the Leasing Leopard Changes Her Spots

Written by Shiloh Paul
Illustrated by Julia Randall

Lisa the Leasing Leopard learns a valuable lesson about how hard work can really pay off!  We created this children’s book for our customers, partners, and employees so they had an easy way to answer the question their family and friends are asking – “What is that accounting issue that has been causing you to work so many nights and weekends?”

Lisa the Leasing Leopard

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Lisa the Leasing Leopard Changes Her Spots is a quick, entertaining read that you can share with both the little kids and big kids in your life.

Lisa the Leasing LeopardChanges Her Spots: The first children's book about Lease Accounting by Shiloh Paul

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Shiloh Paul, Author of Lisa the Leasing Leopard

About the Author

Shiloh Paul is a Marketing Manager at LeaseAccelerator, where she has authored a number of articles and quantitative research studies on the new lease accounting standards. Her work has appeared in articles published in the Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Accounting Today, and various finance industry newsletters. Shiloh also launched the popular website, one of the industry’s leading sources of information about ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Shiloh lives in the Northern Virginia area where she is active in local charity efforts to support pet adoption, community cleanup, and ending childhood hunger. In her spare time, she enjoys science fiction and fantasy, oxford commas, and acting. After publishing her first book, Lisa the Leasing Leopard Changes Her Spots, Shiloh is hard at work writing her first novel.