Colleen Tigges

Vice President of Global Solution Consulting

As the vice president of global solution consulting, Colleen works closely with Fortune 1000 companies to map their accounting strategies and leasing practices to our software solutions. Since the publication of the new standards, Colleen has met with hundreds ofcontrollers and accounting organizations to discuss their approach to implementing ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Colleen has over twenty years of experience in the leasing industry. Prior to LeaseAccelerator, Colleen worked for the equipment financing division of Dell and helped build billion-dollar leasing programs for some of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in Silicon Valley.

A trusted advisor to multinational companies, Colleen consults accounting organizations on how to achieve day one compliance with the new standards by following best practices for planning and budgeting; data and systems; processes, policies and controls. She also has extensive experience with day two and beyond operational issues including asset tracking, critical date management, and sourcing of equipment finance.

Colleen received her B.A. from Gonzaga University, and holds a Masters in Communications from Eastern Washington University.

Colleen lives in Portland, Oregon. She enjoys hiking outdoors, running marathons, and playing with her springer spaniel when she’s not busy globetrotting to meet with customers.

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