Jonathan Crawford

Chief Architect

Jonathan Crawford is the chief architect at LeaseAccelerator. He has been with the company since its inception in 2003 and was the original CTO and developer of LeaseAccelerator’s industry-leading accounting engine. As chief architect, he guides the alignment of product management priorities to product implementation, identifying feature synergies, opportunities for improving user experience, and strategies for leveraging new technologies. Previously, Jonathan served as CTO and was responsible for technology services and engineering.

Jonathan has over 30 years of experience in the software industry. His notable career is marked by many achievements. While working at Lockheed, he worked on the storage component of NASA’s Earth Observing System, improving performance sevenfold. He did this by introducing the concept of database management work queue which fixed a hardware failure that was causing the loss of satellite data.

At BancTec, Jonathan served as the architect of a check imaging product that was implemented by the Bank of New York, Bank of America, multiple international banks, and the Federal Reserve. The Fed used the technology to investigate social security fraud, cutting the investigation time from weeks to minutes.

At McCabe and Associates, Jonathan developed a software product that automated cyclomatic complexity used by numerous companies around the US as well as other major programs such as the Trident nuclear submarine. As manager of development, he not only supervised coding efforts, but also quality assurance programs that yielded savings of millions of dollars per year. At one point, he even discovered a coding error that saved the world (but you’ll have to ask him about that).

Jonathan began his career at McCabe & Associates. He received his Bachelor of Science in math and Bachelor of Arts in economics from St. Mary’s College of Maryland.

In addition to his formal duties, Jonathan also serves as LeaseAccelerator’s resident beer connoisseur. He prefers cold weather, and loves the mountains and snow. He’s also a die-hard Steelers fan. Jonathan is married, with two children and a dog.