Upload Journal Entries for Equipment Leases into Your ERP’s General Ledger.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified LeaseAccelerator® as integrated with SAP powered by SAP NetWeaver. Users of SAP’s ERP application can now upload journal entries (debits and credits) from our Enterprise Lease Accounting software into their General Ledger. We are also integrated with the SAP’s Ariba platform to enable procurement leaders to automate the exchange of XML-based equipment leasing data.  Additionally, LeaseAccelerator is a Gold Partner of the Americas SAP User Group.


Upload Credits & Debits for Your Equipment Leases into Your General Ledger.

LeaseAccelerator has been integrated with Oracle’s E-Business Suite since 2013. You can push journal entries from our Enterprise Lease Accounting software into the Oracle general ledger. We also integrate with Oracle’s iProcurement application to collect asset, account coding, purchase requests and purchase orders.

LeaseAccelerator is a member of the Oracle Applications User Group.  Watch our webinar to the OAUG community.


Certified to Implement our Enterprise Lease Accounting software.

PwC is trained and certified to implement LeaseAccelerator’s Enterprise Lease Accounting software as part of a broader compliance solution for ASC 842 and IFRS 16.  Read more about how PwC’s data abstraction tool (Data Sieve) integrates with LeaseAccelerator.  Or listen to our joint webinar or read our joint white paper to learn more about Equipment Lease Management.

LeaseAccelerator Partners Include


Lessors and Equipment Finance Companies

We work closely with a number of banks, vendor captives and independent leasing companies around the world. Together we can make the processes for managing equipment leases easier and more cost-effective for our mutual customers.  Learn more about our Equipment Lease Sourcing marketplace – The Global Lessor Network.


Big Four Accounting & Global Outsourcing Firms

We have joint business relationships with Big Four Accounting firms as well as several Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting organizations. Together we are helping customers save millions on equipment leasing while comply with current and new lease accounting rules.


ERP & Other Application Software Providers

We partner with a number of ERP, Accounting, Procurement and Asset Management vendors to benefit our mutual customers. Through our API or proprietary integration we help customers achieve Straight Through Processing (STP) to ensure that equipment leasing data is always accurate and up-to-date.

Partner With Us

  • Are you a leasing company interested in making it easier for your strategic accounts to manage their equipment leasing programs?

  • Or perhaps an audit/tax/accounting firm with clients asking for help complying with the new lease accounting rules?

  • Or an ERP vendor seeking a “go-to” referral partner to help with the complexities of the new lease accounting standards?

If so, look no further than LeaseAccelerator.

We can work together to help our mutual customers not only comply with new regulations but save money with their equipment leasing programs as well.

Learn More about Enterprise Lease Accounting

White Papers, Handbooks and Research Studies

PWC Equipment Leasing White Paper

PwC Equipment Leasing White Paper

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Authored by PwC, this white paper explains the complex world of equipment leasing including the key organizational, process and systems challenges associated with managing assets such as airplanes, medical devices and construction equipment to furniture, laptops and printers.

Real Estate versus Equipment Leasing eBook

Real Estate and Equipment Leases eBook

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There are some similarities between real estate and equipment leases. Both have been neglected and under-funded at most organizations. There has been little investment in the people, systems and processes to support real estate and equipment leases.

15 Critical Success Factors for Your Equipment Leasing Program

Equipment Leasing Critical Success Factors eBook

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Learn the 15 Critical Success Factors for Equipment Leasing. Learn how to standardize your lease versus buy analysis; how to competitively source financing; and proactively manage your end of term. By applying these industry best practices you can save millions.

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