IFRS 16: Compliance with Automation

Scaling Your IFRS 16 Compliance Efforts with Automation

With the introduction of the new IFRS 16 lease accounting standards there is currently significant compliance risk associated with scaling, controlling and managing your lease accounting program. Many companies who already adopted IFRS 16 did so with brute force effort dependent upon Excel spreadsheets, workarounds, and lots of staff. While organizations can survive with such an approach, it won’t scale for long term lease accounting compliance.

During this webinar, Len Neuhaus, CPA and VP of Lease Accounting at LeaseAccelerator shares real-world  perspectives, gained from over 30 years’ experience in various C-level roles and board of director positions at Global 1000 companies, on how to apply the IFRS 16 lease accounting standard and leverage automation for effectively scaling and sustaining lease accounting compliance.

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Key Learnings

  • What operational changes/transformation are needed in order to maintain complete and accurate lease data every month, quarter, and year
  • How automating your end-to-end lease accounting processes ensures completeness and accuracy of data, and minimizes risks of manual intervention
  • Why transitioning to a long-term, automated lease accounting  compliance model for scaling the record-to-report process provides higher levels of governance and controls


Len Neuhaus
VP Lease Accounting