Lease Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

By November 8, 2016White Papers

Enterprise Lease Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

Learn How to Select a Lease Accounting and Administration Application for Real Estate and Equipment

Lease Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

Understand the Key Features:

  • Global Lease Accounting Engine and Lease Accounting Subledger
  • Compliance with ASC 842 and IFRS 16 Financial Disclosures
  • Responsibility and Management Accounting
  • Equipment Competitive Sourcing and End-of-Term Management
  • Real Estate Lease Administration and Spend Analysis

The Guide also covers:

  • Lease Data Abstraction Technology
  • Cloud and Behind-the-Firewall Deployment Options
  • Information Security
  • General Ledger Integration and APIs

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Excerpt from the Enterprise Lease Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

Many companies already have some form of lease administration application in place for their real estate portfolio. The software may be managed by the Corporate Real Estate team or, if a company outsources its facilities management, by a third-party provider.

Few companies have a lease administration application to manage their non-real estate assets, such as IT, vehicle fleets, material handling, and other types of equipment. Data about these equipment leases is typically scattered across the business in various file cabinets, spreadsheets, and asset management applications.

The new lease accounting standards are driving many companies to re-evaluate their systems strategy not only for the financial reporting of leases, but also for the day-to-day administration of the portfolio. Some companies may use the new standards as a catalyst to upgrade, replace, or expand their lease administration application. Others are recognizing the need to invest in a proper enterprise application for equipment leases just as they have for real estate.

This Lease Accounting Software Evaluation Guide is designed to help you identify the critical requirements for software selection, whether you are simply seeking a Lease Accounting application or tackling the broader issue of lease administration as well.

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