Myths and Risks of
Using Spreadsheets for Lease Accounting

Why spreadsheets fall short

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Portfolio management
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Data stewardship
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Meeting compliance

Where spreadsheets stand when:

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Testing the accounting
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Handling leasing complexity
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Preparing for audit

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Myths and Risks Tile

Spreadsheet weaknesses increase risk

Spreadsheets are great tools for data analysis and decision support. However, they’re not designed to manage complex, ongoing business processes like accounting. The reality is the tool is not to blame for the multitude of errors that result from its use on the wrong task as the examples in this eBook show.

While many companies consider the usage of spreadsheets for lease accounting to be simply a function of portfolio size, the accountants and leasing experts at LeaseAccelerator have a simple guideline: a portfolio of a single lease requires an application designed to manage compliance, reporting, operations, and the multi-user complexities of the standards.

From avoiding design flaws, accounting weaknesses and technology gaps, learn more about why a purpose-built application matters in this guide.