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A Single Subledger for All Your Enterprise Leases

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Multiple General Ledgers

Do you run more than one instance of Oracle? No problem. Our Oracle lease accounting solution can intelligently route and post journal entries to multiple general ledgers.


Do you need to file disclosures in both the US and international markets?  Our Oracle lease accounting solution supports both ASC 842 and IFRS 16. We also support the current standards – ASC 840 and IAS 17.

Oracle and other ERP Applications

Still consolidating your ERP instances onto Oracle? No problem. Our Oracle lease accounting solution works with SAP, Microsoft, NetSuite, and other popular ERP applications.

Both Real Estate and Equipment

Do you lease both real estate and equipment? No need to buy two separate applications. Our solution will track all of your buildings, computers, vehicles, and other assets in a single subledger.

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Integrate with Your Oracle Financial Systems

LeaseAccelerator’s Oracle Lease Accounting Solution

Lease Accelerator Reporting

General Ledger

Upload debits and credits to one or more Oracle general ledgers and get alerts when a transaction is posted.

Fixed Asset Management

Synchronize leased plant, property, and equipment inventories to your Oracle fixed asset management systems.

Accounts Payable

Publish expected invoice charges for leases to your Oracle AP applications and download actual invoiced expenses.

Master Data Management

Publish location, employee, and vendor master data from Oracle’s MDM to your lease accounting software.

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LeaseAccelerator is an Oracle Gold Partner and a member of the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG)