Are You Ready for One of the Biggest Accounting Changes Ever?

Our lease accounting software can help you make the transition to the new FASB and IFRS standards.  Using LeaseAccelerator, you can create all your SEC (and other) financial disclosures with just a few mouse clicks.  We support all the major types of leases, including real estate, fleet, material handling, IT, office, and data center equipment.

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Lease Accounting Software for Real Estate and Equipment

Everything You Need to Support the New US GAAP and IFRS Lease Accounting Standards

Lease Accounting Standards

US GAAP Standards
  • New Standard – ASU 2016-02 (FASB ASC 842)
  • Current Standard – FASB ASC 840
IFRS Standards
  • New Standard – IFRS 16
  • Current Standard – IAS 17

Global Lease Accounting Engine

  • Lease Classification
  • Asset-Level Subledger
  • Journal Entries for Quarterly and Annual Reports
  • Transition Accounting and Comparative Reporting
  • Reconciliation and Roll Forward Reporting
  • ERP Integration to SAP and Oracle

Two Minute Overview

What is Lease Accounting Software?

Lease Accelerator Portfolio Management & Stakeholder Performance Measurement

New Lease Accounting Standards

From Footnotes to the Balance Sheet

Are you ready to transition to the new lease accounting standards? Companies will need to begin complying with the FASB ASU 2016-02 (GAAP) and IFRS 16 rules starting in 2019. With the new rules, operating leases move from footnotes in SEC filings into actual assets/liabilities on the balance sheet.

The GAAP and IFRS rules, although similar, have a few important differences. Not to worry, our experts have been closely monitoring the development of these new standards and we can help you navigate the changes.


Manage During the Transition Period

The Retrospective Period Has Started

During the transition period to the new standards (FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16), the SEC is requiring companies to provide up to three years of comparative reporting. That means when the 2019 deadline arrives, companies will need to use the new lease accounting standards not only for 2019, but also for 2018 and 2017.

During the transition period, your lease accounting software will have to keep at least two sets of books for the new and old FASB standards. Companies with international operations will also have to support the new and old IFRS rules. That’s at least four sets of financial reports!

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Lease Accelerator Lease Accounting & Compliance

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A New Category of Software

Lease Accelerator Global Capital Sourcing

Today’s Lease Accounting Standards

FAS 13 and IAS 17

You can use our lease accounting software to comply with the current lease accounting rules – FASB ASC 840 (GAAP) and IAS 17 (IFRS) – in which leases are classified as operating or capital with different accounting treatment for each.

Our lease accounting software will analyze factors such as the present value of the lease payments and the economic life of the equipment. Then we run a FAS 13 test to determine the correct accounting treatment for each lease so you know whether the lease should be capitalized (Type A) or if it is operational (Type B).

10-K and 10-Q Reporting in Minutes

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Our lease accounting software quickly generates all the disclosures needed for quarterly and annual reports. With just a few mouse clicks, you can quickly and confidently retrieve all the financials needed for SEC 10-Q and 10-K reporting.

No more collecting spreadsheets from different business units. No more sleepless nights worrying about the accuracy of the lease accounting data. All of your lease accounting details are stored in a database (subledger) within our application.

Equipment Lease Management software
Lease Accelerator Managed Services

Asset-Level Accounting

Upload to SAP and Oracle

We manage all of your lease accounting in a separate subledger within our application. Debits and credits are stored at a portfolio and schedule level as well as an asset level. Assets are tracked as they move between cost centers, building locations, and different employee owners.

With our lease accounting software, you can easily upload all journal entries into your ERP’s general ledger using our built-in integration capabilities. Push debits and credits into SAP or Oracle’s e-Business Suite. Or use our API to synchronize journal entries with other popular ERP applications such as Microsoft Dynamics or NetSuite.


Find Mistakes Before Your Auditors Do

Reconciliation and Roll Forward Reporting

Worried about whether your various lease accounting reports tie together? Don’t wait for your auditor to find mistakes for you. Use our control reports to compare data from one report to that of another. Our lease accounting software will tell you which reports match and which ones do not. It will highlight discrepancies where they exist pointing to how to correct the errors.

Need to reconcile activity between two different accounting periods?  Use our roll forward reporting feature to compare last quarter’s leasing activity to this quarter’s. Or compare last year’s leasing activity to this year’s. Our lease accounting software will show you the opening and closing balances for all assets and liabilities. You can see all activity during the period – new leases signed, leased assets returned, and leased assets bought out.

Lease Accelerator Reporting

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