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Enterprise lease accounting software.

Is GASB 87 compliance your priority? Our Lease Accounting software will enable you to quickly and easily comply with the new GASB 87 standard. Once you have transitioned, LeaseAccelerator can help you scale your lease accounting program by automating the most time-consuming tasks in your GASB 87 record-to-report process.

LeaseAccelerator’s GASB 87 software is

designed for government organizations.


State & Local Agencies

Colleges and Universities

Health Care Providers


Automate both your lease accounting and lease administration.

For GASB 87 compliance, LeaseAccelerator offers the highest level of automation of any lease accounting software vendor on the market. Our system will perform the high volume of complex calculations needed for your record-to-report process, enabling you to focus on policy, analyses, and exceptions. Integrated lease administration features help ensure the completeness and accuracy of your GASB 87 portfolio.

Fast Track Your Implementation Project

Our Network of Certified Partners will Help Accelerate Your Implementation Project with:

  • Data Abstraction and Collection
  • New Processes, Policies, and Controls
  • Training, Communication, and Project Management

Automate Journal Entry Creation

For operating, interest, depreciation, and amortization expenses with our Lease Accounting Engine:

  • GASB 87 and ASC 842 Standards
  • Lessee and Lessor Accounting
  • Asset, Contract, and Portfolio Level Accounting

Simplify Your Monthly Close Process

Automate your Record-to-Report Processes to Minimize Time and Effort:

  • Roll Forward and Reconciliation Reporting
  • Maturity and Quantitative Analysis Disclosures
  • Easy Export to General Ledger
  • Synchronize with Accounts Payable

Track Changes to Your Lease Portfolio

Ensure Completeness and Accuracy of Your Lease Portfolio by Tracking:

  • New Leases and Sublease Contracts
  • Rent Increases and Contract Modifications
  • End-of-Lease Terminations, Renewals, Buyouts
  • Impairments, Leasehold Improvements, and More

A single accounting engine for all your leases.

Our GASB 87 software was designed from the ground up to support all categories of leased assets – IT, material handling, vehicle fleets, buildings, land, rail, and marine transportation.

LeaseAccelerator: Introducing Lease Accounting 2.0

Real Estate Leases

Buildings, land, easements, and more

Office buildings, retail stores, distribution centers, data centers, and health care facilities.

  • Gross and net leases
  • Index and performance-based rents
  • Common area maintenance (CAM) charges
  • Integration with real estate administration

Equipment Leases

Vehicles, computers, forklifts, and more

Material handling, vehicle fleet, aircraft, rail cars, and data center equipment.

  • Fair market value, dollar out, TRAC, and Step leases
  • Variable and usage-based rents
  • Tracking of renewals, buyouts, and returns
  • Integration with asset management systems
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