Manage all your leases centrally.

Reduce costs and respond faster to economic changes across real estate and equipment leases.


A single system to manage all of your lease categories.

Are you ready to upgrade from spreadsheets to a true enterprise application for managing your leases? With our Lease Administration Software we can help you capture all of your leasing information in a centralized database so everything you need to know is only a few mouse clicks away.

LeaseAccelerator Enterprise Lease Accounting Software Screen

» Automate Lease Accounting

The key to a successful lease accounting program is automation of lease administration processes. LeaseAccelerator can help you to track all the data needed to comply with ASC 842, GASB 87, and IFRS 16 including the granularity to track multiple assets on the same lease contract independently.


» Robust Tracking and Automated Workflows

For each new lease we will help you track all the events and activities from the initial contracting and booking to end-of-term renewals and terminations. Automated workflows ensure you won’t miss changes to monthly rents, square footage, equipment locations, cost centers, and assigned employees.

Track your IT, Vehicle, and Machinery Leases

Equipment Lease Management

Reduce costs for equipment leases. Save 10–12% on end-of-term fees.

Centralize all the data about your information technology, data center, transportation, material handling, and office equipment assets into a centralized repository. Armed with all of your leasing data and activity in a single repository, you will be able to quickly identify opportunities for cost savings and risk avoidance.

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LeaseAccelerator: Lease Administration Software

Equipment Lease

Portfolio Management

  • All Asset Types – Track all your IT, vehicle, machinery, equipment leases in single database
  • Central Database – Asset description, term, payment frequency, location for equipment
  • Economic Performance – Compare the expected to actual costs of leases at end of term
  • Audit Trail – Track all communications and activities throughout the lease lifecycle
  • Stakeholder Scorecards – Report on KPIs by business unit, geography, product line

Equipment Lease

Lifecycle Management

  • Tax penalties:Avoid risk and potential fees from incorrect property tax payments
  • Uninsured assets:Avoid paying full replacement costs for damaged, uninsured assets
  • Lessor penalties:Avoid risk and potential fees from violating leasing contracts
  • Safety risks:Avoid potential worker safety issues from using older equipment
  • Missing equipment:Quickly identify scenarios when assets are missing, lost, or damaged
  • Accounting risk:Reduce the risk of material weaknesses or restatements on lease accounting
Track your Office, Industrial, and Land Properties

Real Estate Lease Administration

Reduce costs on real estate leases. Save 2–3% by reducing landlord expenses.

We will help you capture all of the lease information about your office buildings, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, research labs, call centers, and data centers into a single, centralized repository. Armed with all of your data in our lease administration software, you will be able to quickly identify opportunities for risk mitigation and cost savings with desktop audits, full scope audits, and better critical date management.

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LeaseAccelerator: Lease Administration Software

Real Estate

Financial and Cost Management

  • Budgeting – Generate forecasts for expenses and income over coming years
  • Payables – Capture invoice data, route for approvals, and send to AP for disbursement
  • Receivables – Generate invoices for tenants and track income from rent
  • Expense Tracking – Track all rent, operating expenses, insurance by business unit or location
  • Spend Analysis – Use the data and contracts to support desktop and full scope audits

Real Estate

Portfolio Management

  • Central Database – To track all vendors, dates, rent, clauses, options, locations, and contracts
  • Critical Dates – Track key milestones for rent reviews, contract dates for renewals and terminations
  • Reporting – By ownership status, primary use, zoning, geographic location, and lease expiration date
  • Planning – For short and long term growth, international expansion, mergers and acquisitions
  • Compliance – Track occupancy permits, elevator inspections, fire safety and environmental certificates
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Best Practices for Real Estate and Equipment Leasing

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