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Lease Administration Software

Automate Every Step in the Lease Lifecycle – From Contracting & Booking to Returns & Renewals

Real Estate and Equipment Leases
  • Contracting and Booking for Each New Lease
  • Data Abstraction from Contracts and Schedules
  • Audit Trail and Deal History for Each Lease
  • Single Database for all Real Estate and Equipment Leases
  • Repository for POs, Certificates of Acceptances, Invoices, and Lease Schedules
Track Middle-of-Term Events Including:
  • Equipment Location & Cost Center Changes
  • Equipment Additions
  • Partial Equipment Buyouts & Returns
  • Real Estate Renewals, Expansions, and Contractions
  • Real Estate Sale-Leasebacks and Subleases

Two Minute Overview

Why You Need Lease Administration Software for Your Equipment Leases

Enterprise Leasing Software

Capturing Lease Data Electronically

Stop Relying on Paper Contracts

Do you have a small team of people keying the data from your equipment lease contracts into a database? Do you have to call your leasing company when you need information about payment schedules, end-of-term options, and residual value estimates? What if there was a way to automatically capture leasing data electronically into a centralized database so everything you wanted to know was only a few mouse clicks away?

Using our APIs you can receive electronic feeds of all your leasing data directly from banks, vendor captives, and independent leasing companies. That works well for large leasing companies, but what about smaller ones that don’t have sophisticated integration capabilities? Not to worry. We can also scan copies of your leasing contracts in PDF or paper format to capture data. Our lease administration software uses natural language processing, machine learning, and sophisticated rules engines to capture all important clauses and pricing information.

All Your Leases in One Database

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Are you tracking your leased equipment using spreadsheets, emails, file cabinets, and yellow sticky notes? These time-intensive processes are not only expensive, but error prone as well. New lease accounting rules are coming into effect that will draw higher levels of scrutiny from auditors, shareholders, and board members.

Can you really afford to not have strong systems, processes, and controls in place? With our lease administration software you can store all your leasing documentation in one centralized database. From the master lease agreement and original purchase order to the certificate of acceptance and monthly invoices, we will help you keep track of the associated documentation for each piece of equipment. You can store not only commercial documents, but also the notes, comments, and outgoing and incoming emails related to each lease. LeaseAccelerator tracks all version changes to documents so you know who did what and when.

Lease Accounting Software Screen
Equipment Lease Management software

Track Changes throughout Term of the Lease

Never Lose Track of an Asset

During the course of a three or four year lease, a lot of change can happen. Your company could be merged, acquired, or spun off. Cost centers can be reassigned, consolidated, or closed. Manufacturing plants, office buildings, and distribution centers could be shut down, sold off, or upgraded.

How do you track equipment throughout these changes? Especially mobile assets like forklifts, trucks, vans, and cars?  Our lease administration software helps you track all of your equipment assets as they change locations, cost centers, or owners (employees). If your equipment was upgraded, repaired, maintained, painted, returned, stolen, bought out, resold, or blasted into space – we’ll track it. For each piece of equipment you can see a timeline of all the events from the inception of the RFP to the termination of the lease.

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