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Scale and Grow Your Real Estate and Equipment Leasing Programs while Saving up to 10-12%

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A Single System to Manage All Your Categories of Leases

Are you ready to upgrade from spreadsheets to a true enterprise application for managing your leases? With our Lease Administration Software we can help you capture all of your leasing information electronically into a centralized database so everything you need to know is only a few mouse clicks away.

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For each new lease we will help you track all the events and activities from the initial contracting and booking to end of term renewals and terminations. Automated workflows ensure you won’t miss changes to monthly rents, square footage, equipment locations, cost centers, and assigned employees.

LeaseAccelerator is the first lease administration system designed from the ground up to support all of your different asset categories – not just real estate. Using our lease administration software applications you can track not only your land and buildings, but all the other stuff you lease like computers, forklifts, vehicles, airplanes, rail cars, barges and other equipment.

Reduce Costs for Your Equipment Leases

Save 10-12% on End of Term Fees

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Centralize all the data about your information technology, data center, transportation, material handling and office equipment assets into a centralized repository. Armed with all of your leasing data and activity in a centralized repository, you will be able to quickly identify opportunities for:

Cost Savings

  • Lease vs Buy – Make smarter capital decisions by analyzing cash flows, tax impacts, and breakeven analysis. 
  • Unplanned Evergreen Fees – Minimize month-to-month rent payments past end of term 
  • End of Term Buyouts – Ensure you not over-paying for end of lease asset buys
  • End of Term Renewals – Optimize renewal rents with data-driven negotiating strategies
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Reduce repairs and maintenance expenses from older equipment
  • Technology obsolescence – Identify older equipment that can be upgraded at the same or lower cost

Risk Avoidance

  • Tax penalties – Avoid risk and potential fees from incorrect property tax payments
  • Uninsured assets – Avoid paying full replacement costs for damaged, uninsured assets
  • Lessor penalties – Avoid risk and potential fees from violating leasing contracts
  • Safety Risks – Avoid potential worker safety issues from using older equipment
  • Missing Equipment – Quickly identify scenarios when assets are missing, lost or damaged
  • Accounting Risk– Reduce the risk of material weaknesses or restatements on lease accounting

Learn How Cummins Saved Millions on its Equipment Leasing Program


Reduce Costs on Real Estate Leases

Save 2-3% through Reducing Landlord Expenses

We will help you capture all of the information about your office buildings, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, research labs, call centers, and data centers into a single centralized repository. Armed with all of your data centralized in our lease administration software, you will be able to quickly identify opportunities for risk mitigation and cost savings with desktop audits, full scope audits, and better critical date management:

Cost Savings

  • Excessive Passthroughs – Verify that landlords are not passing on fees not allowed by the lease 
  • Holdover Penalties – Avoid paying penalties for failing to renew or vacate properties on time
  • Paying Too Long – Ensure AP is not paying rent for properties that have been vacated
  • Excessive Renewal Rents – Ensure you get the best rents by exercising renewal options on time

Risk Avoidance

  • Missed Expansion Options – Ensure you don’t miss opportunities to exercise options to expand floor space
  • Under-Insured – Avoid paying full replacement costs for damaged, uninsured properties
  • Accounting Risk – Reduce the risk of material weaknesses or restatements on lease accounting
  • Under-Budgeting – Avoid budget problems caused by unexpected variable rent changes 
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Get a live demo of our Lease Administration Software

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