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End of Term Management Software

Automated Workflows for Returns, Renewals, and Buyouts of Equipment Leases

Track Every Piece of Equipment:
  • Proactive Alerts for Each End-of-Term Event
  • Economics and Logistics for Buyout, Return, and Renew Options
  • Escalation Workflows for “At Risk” Deadlines
  • Workflows to Communicate Your Intentions to Lessors
  • Evergreen Fees – Track Every Extra Dollar Being Spent
Workflows to Manage:
  • Returns
  • Renewals
  • Buyouts
  • Partial Returns
  • Partial Buyouts

Two Minute Overview

What is End of Term Management Software for Equipment Leases?

Lease Accounting Software Screen

Never Miss a Deadline

Proactive End of Term Notifications and Alerts

With LeaseAccelerator you will never miss an end-of-term deadline again. You will incur evergreen payments only when you choose to, not when you forget to fill out the leasing company’s paperwork. We will proactively notify you several months before each lease term expires. For each piece of equipment, you will receive a complete analysis package with the economic and logistical information for renewal, buyout, and return options. And if you forgot to respond, we will send you friendly reminders alerting you of the risk of missing a deadline.

Buyouts, Renewals, and Returns

Mid-Term or End of Term, Partials or Full

For each piece of equipment, decide whether you want to return, renew, or buyout the assets. Once you make a decision our end of term wizard will send a notification to your leasing company and all the relevant internal stakeholders. All the necessary accounting, attestation, and recordation activities are properly completed so your records are 100% accurate.

We can handle complex end of term scenarios as well. Do you need to renew 10 of the 20 servers you leased, return 5, and purchase the remainder? No problem. Automate the administration and the lease accounting for complex partial buyouts, renewals, and returns. We handle partial buyouts and returns for equipment lost, damaged, or stolen in the middle-of-term as well.

Funds Transfer
Invoicing and Payments

Reduce Evergreen Fees

Identify Every Lease Past End of Term

Do you know how much money you are spending on “evergreen fees” this month?  With LeaseAccelerator, you can see all leases which have passed the end of the contract date, but are still billing you. For each of these “evergreen” leases, you can identify when the original lease expired and how much you are paying in fees per month. As a result, you can prioritize which leases to focus on first if you are looking to cut spending.

Looking to prevent evergreen payments before they start? We will help you analyze evergreen payments by business unit and geography or by equipment type and lessor so you can pinpoint the root causes and take corrective actions. Our customers have been able to reduce evergreen and buyout payments by 25-75%.

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