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In a Single Real Estate Lease Administration System

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All Your Real Estate Data and Documents in a Single Repository

With LeaseAccelerator’s Real Estate Administration Software you can track all of the documents and data for your property leases in a single enterprise-wide repository.  Armed with a centralized view of all your properties, procurement will be able to conduct more detailed spend analysis and desktop audits to identify cost savings Your finance team will be able to better forecast future real expenses with better understanding the timing and variables influencing rent payments. And real estate teams will benefit from automated workflows that ensure you won’t miss out on opportunities to expand floor space or renew properties at pre-negotiated rates. 


Keep track of fixed and variable rents including the underlying formulas, base year expenses, escalation caps, and market indices. Also capture operating expenses, taxes, insurance, and various sundry charges. 

Critical Dates

Never miss a termination or renewal deadline again with our proactive end of lease notifications. Keep track of all your renewal options so you can lock in favorable rents and pre-negotiated contract terms.


Track expansion, cancellation, and first right of refusal options for all your property leases in single system. Understand options to purchase and the number of renewals remaining.


Store all your real estate docs in a single central repository including lease agreements, amendments, subleases, work letters, monthly rent invoices, occupancy certificates, and estoppel letters.

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Designed to Comply with the New Lease Accounting Standards

Traditional Real Estate Administration Software and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) were not designed to store the types of data needed for the new lease accounting standards. Most legacy systems track were not designed to allow for separating lease and non-lease components. Nor were they designed to track individual assets within a real estate lease. Vendors have applied patches, but these often result in time-consuming workarounds for accounting teams creating delays in the monthly close process. LeaseAccelerator is the first real estate lease administration application designed from the ground up to support ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Contract Modifications

Track changes in lease terms or right-of-use that could trigger modifications to your real estate lease accounting. Ensure both lease administrators and accountants are aware of floor space expansions and early renewals.


Track changes that might trigger reassessments under new lease accounting standards. Ensure both lease administrators and accountants are aware of leasehold improvements, sublease extensions, and changes to future plans.

Lease & Non Lease Components

Take advantage of the practical expedient to separate lease and non-lease components. Separate rent, operating expenses, taxes, and insurance charges. Track standalone observable prices for each.

Track Multiple Assets within a Lease

Separate buildings, individual floors, land parcels, and parking structures on the same lease into individual assets. So you have much more flexibility for lease accounting and lease administration.

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