Automate every step of the lease lifecycle to save the most

From selection to signature to sunset, we can help you unlock the potential of your lease portfolio.

What is Lease Lifecycle Automation?

First, we go deep into the end-to-end leasing process — from the lease versus buy analysis before you sign a single contract, through every lease change and adjusting entry, down to the day you return the asset (on time, of course).

Then, we automate every step including contracting, tracking, classification decisions, accounting, policies, controls, disclosures and communications, removing cost and risk.

Our capabilities


Transform the way you lease from the start – automate lease vs. buy analysis, contracting, bidding and lease abstraction, so your cash goes further.


Take control of every lease across any asset type with centralized data and consistent governance across your organization.


Ensure audit-ready sustainable compliance with a full monthly close and subledger, plus all the reporting you’ll ever need.


Configure processes and policies once and the system will run most of your leasing program, reducing risk and freeing your team for higher value projects.

Gain valuable insights throughout your leasing process to help you make better decisions and get more out of leasing.


The only Lease Lifecycle Automation platform

Automated, end-to-end lease management across equipment and real estate, improving cash flow and simplifying compliance.


Ditch the spreadsheets.

Graduate to a lease calculator for the fast path to compliance.

Global Lease Marketplace

Start your leases the right way

Get the best leasing deal using a competitive leasing marketplace fueled by a unique global lessor network of more than 500 bidders.

Managed Services

Choose a trusted partner.

Look to a leasing expert to staff and run your leasing process for you with our Lease Lifecycle Automation platform so you can focus on your core competencies.

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