Enterprise Lease Accounting

Comply with the New FASB and IFRS Standards while Saving Costs.

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  • Asset Level Subledger


  • Lease Classification

  • SAP and Oracle Integration

  • Reconciliation and Roll Forward Reporting

Are you ready to transition to the new lease accounting standards? Companies will need to begin complying with the FASB ASC 842 and IFRS 16 rules starting in 2019. The SEC is requiring comparative reporting for income statements as early as 2017. We can help you make the transition by tracking all your real estate and equipment leases in a single subledger. Once implemented, you will be able to generate the leasing data needed for your financial disclosures with just a few mouse clicks.

Equipment Leases

Ensure that all of your equipment leases comply with the new lease accounting standards. Quickly generate all the debits and credits you need for your general ledger. Account for aircrafts, trucks, computers, photocopiers, and other types of equipment leases.

  • Fair Market Value, Dollar Out, TRAC, and Skip and Step Up Leases With Complex Pricing and End-of-Term Options
  • Asset-Level Tracking and Accounting as well as Portfolio- and Schedule-Level
  • Partial Returns, Buyouts, and Renewals During the Middle and End of Term
  • Contract Changes and Equipment Additions During the Middle of Term

Real Estate Leases

Ensure that all of your real estate leases comply with the new lease accounting standards. Quickly generate all the debits and credits you need for your general ledger. Account for all your office buildings, retail stores, distribution centers, and health care facilities.

  • Gross and Net Leases
  • Variable Rent Leases and Performance Based
  • Common Area Maintenance Services
  • Initial Direct Costs and Lease Incentives
  • Embedded Lease from Contract Manufacturing or IT Outsourcing Agreements

Enterprise Lease Sourcing

Reduce the Cost of Equipment Leases by 6-8% through Competition

Equipment Lease Sourcing Screen Shot
  • Automated RFP Generation and Competitive Bidding

  • Reporting and Analysis of Historical Leasing Trends

  • Standardized Contract Terms & Conditions

  • Data Abstraction and Digitization of Leasing Data

  • API-Based Integration with Leasing Companies

Are you getting the best financing rates and contract terms for your equipment leases? Are you analyzing leasing versus buying options to determine which has the most economic benefit? We can help you quickly generate leasing RFPs then distribute them out to our network of over 500 banks, vendor captives, and independent lessors. We can also help you conduct lease versus buy analyses.

Lease Accelerator Global Capital Sourcing

Competitive Sourcing

Are you getting the best financing rates and contract terms for your equipment leases? From forklifts and furniture to servers and storage devices, we’ll help you get competitive bids for your equipment leases. Our customers consistently save 6-8% from introducing competitive bidding.

  • Automated Generation of RFPs for Leasing Terms
  • Intelligent Matching Based on Credit Profile, Geography, and Ticket Size
  • Global Network of Banks, Vendor Captives, and Independent Leasing Companies
  • Automated Lessor Proposal Analysis and Ranking
Lease Accelerator Reporting

Lease versus Buy Analysis

Is your leasing program decentralized with buyers all over the world in different operating divisions?  No problem. We’ll help you empower your buyers while giving your treasury group oversight and control. We’ll give decision makers in each country and business unit our Asset Request Form. It’s an easy-to-use tool that they can use to submit a lease versus buy analysis request. Plus, it doesn’t require an MBA in corporate finance to use.

  • Monthly and Annual Cash Flow Projections
  • Tax Deduction Comparisons
  • Breakeven Analysis
  • Lease Accounting Classification

Enterprise Lease Management

Manage IT, Fleet and Equipment Leases throughout their Lifecycle

Lease Administration Software Screen Shot
  • Automated Abstraction of Data from Schedules

  • Contracting and Booking of New Leases

  • Equipment Location and Cost Center Changes

  • Partial Equipment Buyouts & Returns

  • End-of-Term Renewals, Returns, and Buyouts

Are you still tracking equipment leases in spreadsheets, emails, and file cabinets? We will put all your equipment lease documentation in a centralized database so you have visibility to assets as they change locations and cost centers during the course of the lease. You will know exactly what leases are expiring so you can decide if you want to renew, buyout, or return the equipment. Our customers consistently save 10-12% by reducing evergreen fees and forced buyouts.

Time Savings

Lease Administration

Automate the management of all your leases from the initial contract and booking to end of term and renewals.  Administer real estate, aircrafts, trucks, computers, photocopiers, and other types of equipment leases. Track moves, adds, and changes of equipment as well as renewals, extensions, and subleases for real estate.

  • Contracting and Booking for Each New Lease
  • Data Abstraction from Contracts and Schedules
  • Audit Trail and Deal History for Each Lease
  • Single Database for All Real Estate and Equipment Leases
  • Repository for POs, Certificates of Acceptances, Invoices, and Lease Schedules
Lease Accounting Project Plan

End of Term

Are you paying for equipment leases beyond the end of term? These “evergreen” payments and “forced buyouts” destroy the economic benefits of leasing. We will help you track the location of each and every piece of equipment you’re leasing. And we will track all the end-of-term options and timelines so you never miss a deadline again.

  • Proactive Alerts for Each End-of-Term Event
  • Economic and Logistics for Buyout, Return, and Renewal Options
  • Escalation Workflows for “At Risk” Deadlines
  • Workflows to Communicate Your Intentions to Lessors
  • Evergreen Fees – Track Every Extra Dollar Being Spent

Managed Services for Your Equipment Leasing Program

Leverage our Best Practices and Equipment Leasing Experts.

Are you following best practices for equipment leasing? Are you using competition to drive down financing costs? Are you using software to track end of term and minimize evergreen payments? If not, our team of equipment leasing experts and CPAs can help. We offer a wide range of support services from strategy and business process consulting to managed and technical support services.

Lease Accelerator Managed Services

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