The hardest part of equipment leasing is tracking all the assets.  Most CFOs don’t have easy access to a list of all the equipment their company is leasing. As a result, they don’t know how many equipment leases they have; where the equipment is; and when the leases expire. The information exists, but its locked in spreadsheets, file cabinets and file servers.

LeaseAccelerator makes answering all your questions about equipment leasing easy. We help you put all of your leasing documentation into a single database. You can then run turnkey reports to generate data for your quarterly reports and identify leases coming to end of term.

Lease Accelerator Reporting

Know the Equipment You’re Leasing

Down to the Penny

Do you have a list of all the equipment leases your company has worldwide?  With LeaseAccelerator you can get a complete list of all leases in just a few seconds. For each lease you can see who the leasing company financing the equipment is. You can view the original equipment cost and how much you projected to save by leasing. You can see when the lease started and when it ends as well as the remaining number of payments. You can even view you a list of leases that have purchase orders issued but are not yet on the books.

Do you know how many pieces of equipment are being leased and exactly where those assets are?  Unlike other leasing software that only reports at a portfolio or schedule level, LeaseAccelerator will provide details on each and every asset you are leasing. You can see the make and model number for every piece of equipment — even the serial number. You can see which department is using the equipment — even the specific individual responsible for the lease.

End of Term Reports

Never Miss a Deadline Again

Do you know which leases are coming to end-of-term in the next month, quarter, year?  With our End of Term reports we make it easy for you to keep on top of all upcoming deadlines. You can see a list of all leases coming to end of term in the near future. And for each lease you can see any pre-negotiated pricing for buyouts or renewals along with how much advance notification you must give the leasing company.

Do you know how much money you are spending on “evergreen fees” this month?  With LeaseAccelerator you can all see all leases which have passed the end of the contract date, but are still billing you. For each of these “evergreen” leases you can identify when the original lease expired and how much you are paying in fees per month. As a result, you can prioritize which leases to focus on first if you are looking to cut spending.

Lease Accelerator Portfolio Management & Stakeholder Performance Measurement
Lease Accelerator Lease Accounting & Compliance

Quarterly & Annual Reports

From Days to Minutes

How long does it take you to prepare the lease accounting footnotes required for your quarterly and annual reports (10-Qs and 10Ks)?  With LeaseAccelerator you can gather all the information you need for quarterly and annual financial disclosures with just a few mouse clicks. You can view all contractual obligations as of a specified date. For capital leases you can see interest, principal and guaranteed payment breakdowns by year. For operating leases you can see lease expenses by year.

Are you prepared if your auditor were to drill down into your lease accounting?  With our Rollback reports you can be confident that all the information ties together and reconciles. You can see the opening and closing balances for all assets and liabilities for any particular month, quarter or year. You can see a list of all new leases signed; all equipment returned; and all buyouts and lease renewals. As a result, you can easily identify discrepancies and start to reconcile them.

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Transition Accounting eBook

Transition Accounting eBook

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With the deadlines for the new lease accounting standards approaching quickly, many companies are asking how software can help automate the tasks required for the transition period. US GAAP filers adopting ASC 842 will be required to provide three years of comparative reporting.

Asset Level Lease Accounting White Paper

Asset Level Lease Accounting White Paper

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Learn the differences between contract-level and asset-level lease accounting in this technical white paper. Review examples of the impact of asset-level decisions, judgments and events for material handling, data center and IT equipment.

Lease Accounting Cost Savings

Lease Accounting Cost Savings eBook

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Considering Lease Accounting Software to comply with the new FASB or IFRS standards? Download this eBook to understand the potential time and cost savings opportunities resulting from automation of lease classification and financial reporting.

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