EdTech for Lease Accounting

The Industry’s Most Advanced Lease Accounting Online Training System

Talent is one of the biggest challenges facing companies adopting the new lease accounting standards. Before ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87 were introduced there were only a few hundred people on the whole planet that were knowledgeable in lease accounting. Recruiting and hiring experts will not be an option for most companies. Instead you will have to train them yourself – in the systems, processes, and controls associated with leasing. LeaseAccelerator’s experiential learning platform offers the industry’s most advanced lease accounting online training system – with interactive demos, hands-on simulations, and continuing professional education credits. It’s EdTech for lease accountants.

The fastest way to get your Leasing Center of Excellence enabled on systems for ASC 842, GASB 87, and IFRS 16.

  • Over 300 Courses on Lease Accounting, Management, and Sourcing
  • Watch Expert Demos, Try-it-Yourself with Real-World Simulations
  • Get Tested, Build an Online Transcript, and Earn CPE Credits
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LeaseAccelerat-ED online training

Two Minute Video

Lease Accounting Online Training

A True Learning Management System

Not Just a Bunch of Webinar Replays

At LeaseAccelerator, we have invested millions in an online training platform that leverages the latest experiential learning techniques. Included in the subscription to our Enterprise Lease Accounting software, the platform allows users around the world to participate in self-paced, hands-on training. For each task, users can access:

Preview Training

Watch a two-minute flyover that will summarize what you will learn in the module. No more hours spent watching training that turns out to be irrelevant to your role. Find out before you start how valuable a particular module will be to your daily job.

Detailed Demos

For each key function in the LeaseAccelerator application, you can watch a video of an expert demonstrating how to perform the task. Experts narrate the step-by-step instructions using a style appealing to both beginners and advanced users.

Application Simulations

After watching the expert, you can try it yourself. The LeaseAccelerator application is simulated in the training program. Get stuck? Don’t worry. You can view text instructions or replay the expert demo step-by-step until you have mastered the skill.

Drill Downs

At any point in the training, users can zoom in on any part of the application to learn more. Not sure what the difference between the “interim rent,” “interim spread,” and “interim LRF” fields are? Just click on a field to get a more detailed description of what it means and how it is used.

Learn the LeaseAccelerator Application Suite

Lease Accounting Software

Enterprise Lease


Learn how to:

  • Bulk Upload of Leases
  • Perform Re-measurements
  • Export to General Ledger
  • Generate Quantitative Disclosures
Lease Administration Software

Enterprise Lease


Learn how to manage:

  • Middle-of-Term Changes
  • Real Estate Expansions
  • Equipment Returns & Buyouts
  • KPIs and Reporting
Equipment Lease Sourcing Software

Enterprise Lease


Learn how to:

  • Submit Asset Requisitions
  • Compare Lease vs Buy
  • Generate Financing RFPs
  • Review Competitive Bids

Earning Continuing Professional Education Credits

Get Certified with our Lease Accounting Online Training System

Expert Certifications

Power users in Leasing Centers of Excellence or corporate functions can pursue formal certifications in  Lease Management and Accounting.

Online Transcript

Users can track their progress towards learning milestones and certification targets by accessing an online transcript of completed courses.

Continuing Education

Participants can receive Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits for participation in online training.

Learning Checkpoints

The online curriculum is structured in bite-sized chunks. Periodic checkpoints enable users to assess their comprehension of topics before progressing.


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