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Competitive Sourcing for Equipment Leases

Ensure You Get the Optimal Financing Rates and Contract Terms for IT, Office, Vehicle, and Material Handling Equipment Leases

Equipment Lease Sourcing Software provides:
  • Automated RFP Generation
  • Competitive Bidding
  • Automated Proposal and Ranking
  • Standardized Terms and Conditions
Global Network of Lessors:
  • Commercial Banks
  • Vendor Captives
  • Independent Lessors
  • International Leasing Companies

Two Minute Overview

What is Competitive Sourcing for Equipment Leases?

Rapidly Generate RFPs

In Days Not Weeks

One of the primary reasons more companies don’t send out RFPs for equipment financing is the amount of time it takes to run a competitive bidding process. We’ll take your bidding process down from weeks to days. LeaseAccelerator automatically generates RFPs with just a few mouse clicks. We’ll populate many of the standardized, repetitive items.

You just fill in the specifics of your lease:

  • What type of equipment are you looking to finance? Manufacturer, model number, quantities, and unit costs
  • What types of financing terms are you looking to obtain? Currency, payment frequency, and lease type (fair market value, dollar out, etc.)

And we’ll do the rest.

Lease Accelerator Lease Accounting & Compliance
Lease Accelerator Portfolio Management & Stakeholder Performance Measurement

Get Competitive Bids

From Up to 500 Leasing Companies

We’ll distribute your RFP to many of the 500 financial institutions on our Global Lessor Network. More competition ensures you receive the best financing rates and leasing terms. Our network includes many of the world’s top banks, vendor captives, and independent lessors in countries ranging from the US and Canada to India and China.

We’ll act as a market maker to ensure there are enough companies bidding on your lease so you get competitive rates. We will match financial institutions to your specific needs. We have lessors who specialize in a variety of credit ratings, asset classes, and geographic regions. Big ticket or small ticket, investment grade or speculative, or emerging markets or developed – we’ve got you covered.

Pick a Winner

With Apples-to-Apples Comparisons

Compare all your bids based upon internal rate of return, present value, or total cash flow. Export the comparison to a spreadsheet so you can sort, analyze, and share results. Once you decide which financing offer to accept, we will notify both the winner and the losers. Automatic notification means less time spent emailing and phoning lessors to inform them of your decision. You can also provide feedback to losers on why they “didn’t get the business.”

Tired of spending countless hours with expensive outside counsel to negotiate your leasing terms? We’ll help you standardize your contracts. You can use Lease Accelerator’s PureDocs contract – already accepted by 25 of the largest lessors in the US. Or if you prefer, we’ll use your own master lease agreement.

Lease Accelerator Reporting

See a Demo of Our Competitive Sourcing Capabilities

Learn More about Equipment Lease Sourcing

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