Competitive sourcing for equipment leasing.

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Get the optimal financing rates and contract terms for all of your equipment leases.

Are you getting the best financing rates and contract terms for your equipment leases?  LeaseAccelerator can help you apply best practices in procurement such as spend consolidation, issuing RFPs, and competitive bidding to ensure you get the best deals. Through our technology and expertise, customers average 6-12% savings across their lease portfolio.

LeaseAccelerator can help you reduce leasing costs for:

  • Material handling (forklifts, pallet jacks, conveyors)
  • IT and data center (servers, storage, laptops)
  • Vehicle fleets (company cars, trucks, vans)
  • Office equipment (multi-function printers, HDTVs)

Reduce costs of equipment finance and leasing through:

  • Aggregating and consolidating spend
  • Issuing RFPs for competitive bidding
  • Eliminating predatory buyout and renewal clauses
  • Reducing interim rent and evergreen fees

What is competitive sourcing for equipment leases?

The new frontier in procurement – tackle one of the biggest areas of unmanaged spend to unlock millions in savings.

Start with a Lease vsBuy Analysis

No MBA required

Is your leasing program decentralized with decision makers all over the world in different operating divisions? No problem. We’ll help you empower your budget holders while giving you oversight and control.

  • Asset Requisitions: Give budget holders a simple process to submit requests for lease vs buy using spreadsheets and email – no MBA required
  • Accurate Calculations: Treasury centrally controls IBRs, WACC, debt rate, and equity rate to ensure they are up-to-date with latest market rates
  • Compare Options: Compare cash flows, tax deductions, breakeven analyses, and net present value for lease and buy options to optimize capital decisions

Rapidly Generate RFPs for Equipment Financing

In days, not weeks

One of the primary reasons more companies don’t send out RFPs for equipment financing is the amount of time it takes to run a competitive bidding process. We’ll take your bidding process down from weeks to days.

  • Auto-Generated RFPs: Just input the preferred type of lease structure, currency, and payment frequency and we’ll generate an RFP
  • Potential Bidders: Get matched to the best potential financing sources based upon asset type, ticket size, and geographic region
  • Competitive Bidding: Watch commercial banks, vendor captives, and independents aggressively bid to win your business

Get Competitive Bids on our Global Marketplace

From Up to 500 leasing companies

We’ll distribute your RFP to many of the 500 financial institutions on our Global Lessor Network. More competition ensures you receive the best financing rates and leasing terms. Get bids from vendor captives, commercial banks, and independent leasing companies based upon:

  • Ticket Sizes: Get bids on large, medium, and small ticket size equipment leases
  • Asset Categories: Get bids on material handling, transportation, data center, and other types of equipment
  • Geographic Regions: Get bids from capital sources in Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Asia

Standardized Leasing Contract

Simplify accounting and contracting

Tired of spending countless hours with expensive outside counsel to negotiate your leasing terms? We’ll help you standardize your contracts. You can use LeaseAccelerator’s standardized contract – already accepted by many of the largest leasing companies to:

  • Reduce Legal Costs: Avoid time-consuming and expensive negotiations that rack up bills from outside counsel
  • Simplify Accounting: With standardized contracts, booking leases under ASC 842 and IFRS 16 is much simpler
  • Avoid Predatory Terms: Reduce exposure to punitive end-of-term buyout, renewal, and return clauses
Get A Live Demo of LeaseAccelerator Software

Get a live demo of our equipment lease sourcing software

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