Prep Materials

Sample RFP

Lease Accounting Software

Customizable Word and Excel Document

Download this lease accounting software sample RFP. Learn what questions to ask the vendors about their product to determine if it really works. The template includes questions on the software’s readiness, accounting and management features, reporting and disclosure options, and more.

Sample Project Plan

Lease Accounting Project

Customizable Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Download this customizable project plan in Microsoft Excel or PDF. Useful for FASB ASC 842 or IFRS 16 with both real estate and equipment leasing portfolios. Includes all the major project phases, such as business process assessment, software selection, data conversion, implementation, and testing.

Sample Job Post

Lease Accounting Project Manager

Customizable Microsoft Word Document

project manager job description sample download

Download this customizable job description for a lease accounting project manager in Microsoft Word format. Includes all the key responsibilities, skill sets, and qualifications for the leader of this critical, global, cross-functional initiative.


100 Data Fields to Collect

For Your Lease Accounting Project

PDF and Customizable Word Document

100 Data Fields to Collect

If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of data required for asset-level lease accounting under the new standards, this document is a great place to start. The guide lists 100 lease accounting data fields that you should collect from your leases in order to successfully transition to ASC 842 and IFRS 16.

Vendor Comparison Checklist

Lease Accounting Software

Customizable Microsoft Word Document

Lease Accounting Software Vendor Comparison Checklist

Download this Vendor Comparison Checklist for lease accounting software. It includes all the key requirements for an enterprise-class solution, including lease classification, policy elections, financial disclosures, management, and responsibility center accounting. Downloadable in an editable Microsoft Word document that you can customize and use to rank/compare vendors.

90 Day Countdown Checklist

Until Lease Accounting Effective Date

Customizable Microsoft Word Document

90 Day Countdown Checklist

Download this checklist to identify the 90 things lease accounting teams need to do before the effective date. It includes a comprehensive list of items for finalizing your accounting strategy, business process changes, systems updates, data collection, financial controls, test validation, program staffing, end user training, disclosures and presentation plans.

Vendor Comparison Checklist

Lease Administration Software

Customizable Microsoft Word Document

Lease Administration Software Vendor Comparison Checklist

Download this Vendor Comparison Checklist for lease administration software. It includes all the key requirements for both real estate and equipment, including leasing database, critical date management, lease versus buy analysis, and competitive sourcing. Downloadable in an editable Microsoft Word document that you can customize and use to rank/compare vendors.


ROI Calculator

Equipment Lease Management Software

Dynamic Web-Based Calculator

Lease Accounting Software ROI Analysis Tool

Use this online calculator to determine how much money you could save by automating your equipment lease management processes. Based upon your lease size and portfolio, understand the potential ROI for your sourcing, accounting, and management processes.

Lease Classification Test

Check Lease Classification Under ASC 842

Fill Our Your Lease Information

Test to see if your lease will be classified as finance or operating under ASC 842, which maintains the dual classification model used under ASC 840, but with slightly different classification criteria.

Learn More about the New Lease Accounting Standards

White Papers, Handbooks, and Research Studies

Expert Guide | Private Companies – How to Get Started

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Learn how to identify implementation challenges, assess your existing processes, and take an enterprise wide census of your leases.

Expert Guide | Lease and Non-Lease Components

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To separate or not separate - That is the question creating anxiety for many technical accountants around the world as they implement the new leasing standards. Understand the pros and…
Lease Accounting Audit Completeness eBook

Expert Guide | Lease Accounting Audit Completeness

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What items will external auditors be focused on after the implementation deadline for lease accounting? There has been little guidance published by the big four firms yet. However, one topic…

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