Expert Guides to Lease Accounting, Management, & Sourcing

Learn best practices for your real estate and equipment leasing programs by downloading our educational expert guides for lease accounting, management, and sourcing. Designed for leasing beginners as well as experienced professionals, these leasing guides offer our experts’ opinions on topics ranging from adopting the new lease accounting standards to how to better manage your lease portfolio to achieve savings.

How to Get Started

For Private Companies

How to Get Started with Lease Accounting Guide

Understand the key risks and challenges of the lease accounting implementation, how to budget, and how to estimate the implementation time frame.

Enterprise Lease Accounting Software

Evaluation Guide

Lease Accounting Software Evaluation Guide

The Evaluation Guide includes a comprehensive checklist of features for real estate and equipment lease accounting and administration.

Day One Compliance – Lease Accounting Guides

Private Companies

Nine Lessons Learned from Public Cos

9 Things Private Companies Can Learn eBook

Don’t make the same first-timer mistakes public companies did implementing ASC 842. Read the nine lessons learned.

Accelerate Implementation

Ten Strategies to Consider

Accelerate Your Lease Accounting Project eBook

By applying one or more of these techniques, you may be able to shave weeks, if not months, from your timeline.

Five Keys to Success

With Your Lease Accounting Project

Learn the five critical steps to increase your project speed and reduce your chances of having to repeat a project phase later.

Enterprise Lease Census

Find Out What You Lease

Learn the 10 places to look to create a master list of all the real estate, IT, vehicle, and other equipment your company leases.

Seven Lessons Learned

From Early Implementations

lessons learned lease accounting projects

We compiled best practices from interviews with over 200 companies to put together the top seven lessons learned.

Day Two and Beyond – Lease Accounting Guides

Your Financial Systems

Integrating with Lease Accounting

Financial Systems and Lease Accounting ebook

Learn how your leasing subledger can interact with your general ledger, accounts payable, and fixed asset systems.

Maintaining Lease Data

20 Events You Will Need to Track

Maintaining Lease Accounting Data

Learn how to ensure your data is current with the most accurate and complete information on day two and beyond.

Asserting Completeness

15 Ways to Prepare for Your Audit

Lease Accounting Audit Completeness eBook

Prepare for your first audit by learning how to ensure that you have a complete population of leases.

Four Reasons to Involve

Procurement in Lease Accounting

Procurement and Lease Accounting eBook

Learn how Procurement can help  identify new leases, track lease renewals, and automate data collection.

Real Estate Lease Administration Guides

Lease and Non-Lease Components

For Real Estate Leases

Understand how the costs are categorized and valued, as well as the available practical expedient to not separate components.

Real Estate versus Equipment

The Similarities and Differences

Real Estate versus Equipment Leasing eBook

Understand the differences in organizational models, business processes, and systems for real estate and equipment.

Real Estate Admin Cost Savings

Achievable Through Automation

Real Estate Lease Administration Cost Savings Guide

Topics include uncollected subtenant rent, overdue security deposits, forfeited tenant allowances, and missed renewal dates.

Equipment Lease Management Guides

10 Cost Savings

From Sourcing to End of Term

Equipment Leasing Cost Savings ebook

Learn how to competitively source new leases, minimize interim rent payments, and reduce unplanned evergreen fees.

Critical Success Factors

15 Best Practices for Lessees

15 Critical Success Factors for Your Equipment Leasing Program

Learn how to competitively source financing and proactively manage the end of term for your lease portfolio.

Spend Management

For IT, Fleet & Equipment Leases

5 Best Practices for Managing Leased Equipment

Learn how to aggregate  your leased equipment spending and how to leverage competition to reduce your financing rates.

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