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Get Lease Accounting Right - Abstraction
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Components of a real estate lease
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Pros and cons of lease and non-lease component practical expedient
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Deal structure and valuation
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Abstraction best practices
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Choosing the right implementation approach from in-house to managed services

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Most organizations have a mix of real estate and equipment leases. These challenges are different – managing the volume of equipment leases can be overwhelming while real estate leases bring a unique set of challenges. For example, under the ASC 842 and GASB 87 lease accounting standards, companies have the option of choosing whether or not to separate our lease and non-lease components by asset class when reporting a real estate lease. Decisions like these can have a material effect on the balance sheet.

Lease accounting experts from LeaseAccelerator, Mohr Partners and RE BackOffice will dive deep into the pros and cons of separating lease and non-lease components, lease abstraction best practices, and the ongoing lease accounting and administration required for leases. You will understand the requirements of the lease accounting standards, your options for abstraction and separating the components, and key considerations to make sure you can continue to meet the deadlines.


Shantanu Bhattacharya Headshot
Shan Bhattacharya
Vice President, Lease Accounting Shared Services,
Sohail H
Sohail Hamirani
Mohr Partners
Harbinder Khera
RE BackOffice
Bryan Seck
Vice President, Global Alliances

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