The Hidden Costs of Lease Accounting:
Unexpected Challenges and Risks

White Papers and Handbooks

ASC 842 Handbook

Guide to FASB’s New Lease Accounting Standard

lease accounting handbook asc 842

IFRS 16 Handbook

Guide to IASB’s New Lease Accounting Standard

Lease versus Buy Analysis

White Paper

Lease versus Buy Analysis for Equipment Finance White Paper

Asset Level Lease Accounting

A Technical Accounting White Paper

Asset Level Lease Accounting White Paper

 PwC on Equipment Leasing

Joint White Paper

PWC Equipment Leasing White Paper

Research Studies

Lease Accounting Software Market

IDC Market Spotlight

IDC Lease Accounting Software Market Report

AASB 16 Impact on Australian Companies

A Ranking of the ASX 100 Lease Obligations

ASX 100 Lease Accounting Study

Published Articles

Lease Accounting Post-Adoption


Savings from Equipment Lease Management

From Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Supply & Demand Chain Executive - How to Estimate the Savings

Get Ready for the New Lease Accounting Rules

From Treasury & Risk Magazine

Treasury & Risk Article - Get Ready for the New Leasing Rules

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