Do More With Less

Is your IT organization being asked to deliver more and more projects with less and less budget each year? If so, a well-managed IT equipment leasing program may provide some much-needed financial relief. Leasing effectively expands your IT budget. You can hold onto your cash and instead spread payments over the term of a three year (or longer) lease. With “fair market value” leases, you may only pay 80-90% of the purchase price for a piece of hardware during the lease.
Using our Equipment Lease Sourcing software you can get competitive financing bids for server hardware, storage devices, and networking gear.

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Outrun Obsolescence

Are you struggling to keep up with the non-stop pace of hardware innovation? The laptops and servers you bought three years ago are already becoming obsolete. IT equipment leasing programs, if managed effectively, can provide much needed relief. Imagine replacing your laptops, servers, and storage devices every three years with the latest and greatest technology. A leasing program can help you outrun technology obsolescence and save you money in the process. Of course, if you don’t exchange equipment at the end of the lease you will not only miss out on the new technology, but also end up paying more in evergreen fees. LeaseAccelerator can help ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Our Equipment Lease Management software will notify you months in advance of end-of-term deadlines so you can put an end to evergreen fees.

Scale Your IT Equipment Leasing Program

Do you want to grow your IT equipment leasing program, but struggle to find the time and resources? Leasing offers many benefits, but it also introduces new complexities to the business. Specialized accounting software is needed to properly report IT equipment leases on your balance sheet and income statement. You’ll need to track all the laptops, servers, and switches you lease throughout the term of the lease and be prepared to return them in good condition at the expiration date. For these reasons, some CIOs have shied away from IT leasing programs.
But with our Equipment Lease Management software, many of the traditional challenges associated with scaling IT leasing programs go away. LeaseAccelerator will help you track all of your leased equipment from start to end of term. We will make sure your friends in accounting can properly report equipment leases in your 10-Qs and 10-Ks.


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