Centralize Lease versus Buy Analysis

Do you have visibility into all the leasing decisions being made in your organization? At many large companies, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people might be empowered to initiate leases. Are they using the proper tools and market data to analyze lease versus buy comparisons? How can your Treasury organization maintain oversight into leasing decisions in today’s world of de-centralized organizational structures?

We can help you implement best practices around equipment leasing. We’ll give decision makers in each country and business unit our Asset Request Form. It’s an easy-to-use tool that they can use to submit a lease versus buy analysis request. Plus, it doesn’t require an MBA in corporate finance to use. Buyers around the world remain empowered to negotiate deals, but you keep visibility to all leasing decisions. It’s a win-win for both you and your stakeholders!

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Take Ownership for Your Equipment Leasing Program

Who owns your leasing program? The Corporate Real Estate team owns the real estate leases, but what about the IT, fleet, and other equipment leases? At most companies the answer is “no one.” The equipment leasing programs at even the largest and most innovative companies are often neglected. The systems, processes, and controls are immature. And no one in the organization has taken ownership and accountability for the performance of the lease portfolio.

However, at a handful of companies, forward-thinking treasurers are taking a leadership role in equipment leasing programs. Coordinating between procurement, accounting, IT, and shared services, these treasurers are centralizing control.


Optimize Your Network of Lessors

At many companies, the equipment leasing portfolio is over $100M. In some cases, lease portfolios exceed $1B. Leading treasurers are starting to proactively manage their community of lessors as they do other debt holders.

Is there sufficient competition on new leases to ensure that you are getting the best terms? Many buyers are tempted to take “the easy way out” by simply getting financing from the vendor providing the equipment.

Are you actively cultivating relationships with new financing sources? Many companies find that their lessor communities are not as strong in emerging markets (China, India, Brazil) as in the US and Europe.

Get an assessment of your equipment lease sourcing process.

ROI of Equipment Leasing

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