Spend Management for Leased Equipment

Five Best Practices for Managing Leased Equipment Spend

Looking for Savings? Start with the $100M Spend Category that No One is Managing.

5 Best Practices for Managing Leased Equipment Spend

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Use this Guide to learn how to:

  • Aggregate and Centralize Your Leased Equipment Spending
  • Ensure Your Buyers are Always Conducting Lease versus Buy Analysis
  • Leverage Competition to Reduce Your Financing Rates
  • Stop Spend Leakage During the Life Cycle of the Lease

The handbook also includes:

  • Five Real-World Case Studies from Fortune 500 Companies
  • Strategic Sourcing Process for Equipment Leasing
  • Five Best Practices for Equipment Leasing

Learn How to Reduce Financing Costs for Forklifts, Trucks, Autos, Laptops, Servers, and Other Leased Equipment.

Capital equipment in an industrial manufacturing company consists of fleet, IT, material handling, lab, office equipment and much more. For many manufacturers leased equipment is not defined as a category or included in sourcing wave analyses. The equipment is typically purchased by different category owners who may make their own decisions on leasing versus buying. As with all spend categories, manufacturing companies often cannot readily identify the size of the leased equipment problem and quantify the

benefits of solving it. Many Fortune 500 companies do not know:

  • How much equipment they are leasing
  • The terms associated with those leases
  • Who is providing the financing for those leases
  • When those leases will come up for renewal

The status quo of lost savings opportunities goes on and on.