Lease Administration and End-of-Term Management

How Do You Track the Equipment that You Lease?

During the term of a 36, 48, or 60 month lease, a lot can happen to your equipment. It can be moved, maintained, repaired, upgraded, lost, damaged, or stolen. Your business may have thousands of different pieces of leased equipment (from forklifts and furniture to IT and office equipment) being used by thousands of employees around the world in many different countries.

How do you track the exact whereabouts of each and every piece of equipment you lease to ensure you are complying with insurance policies, property tax laws, and new accounting standards? Spreadsheets? Probably not. Lease Administration software from LeaseAccelerator automates the process for tracking leased equipment from the initial RFP to the return confirmation from the lessor. It automates complex workflows such as mid-term partial buyouts and re-priced lease renewals.

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