ASC 842 - Compliance

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ASC 842 – It’s Time to Get Ready

Viewers will learn:

How to comply with ASC 842 with a small team
Tools you can use to automate compliance
Understanding data collection and extraction
Achieving compliance on the transition date and beyond
Factors for keeping the project in-house or using a partner

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Compliance with the lease accounting standards applies to every organization subject to the rules of the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB), regardless of size. Even if you only have a few leases, you still need to go through the process of identifying, abstracting, classifying, properly accounting for and managing your leases throughout their terms.

When your resources are tight or you don’t have in-house lease accounting expertise, you need a quick and easy solution to meet the initial and ongoing FASB requirements. During this webinar, lease accounting experts will discuss the first step toward leasing automation and how to go beyond spreadsheets to meet your compliance goals quickly.


Andrew Bazil
Solutions Consultant,

Matt St. Pierre
Solutions Consultant,

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