Automate the Lease Accounting Close

Lease accounting should be held to the same high standard you use for the rest of your business. During this webinar replay, lease accounting experts Michael Keeler, CEO, Len Neuhaus, CPA, VP of Lease Accounting, and Jonathan Crawford, Chief Architect from LeaseAccelerator have a discussion focused on practical steps and best practices for automating the close process, taking time, cost, risk and effort out of lease accounting.

Learning Objectives

  • Pitfalls, costs, and risks of a manual and semi-manual close process
  • Key requirements for a complete, accurate and audit-ready automated monthly close
  • Comparison of calculators vs. subledgers: the power of traversing the multiverse
  • Common lease accounting scenarios: practical examples of the impacts of automation
  • The value of integration with ERP and other systems

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Michael Keeler
Chief Executive Officer,

Len Neuhaus, CPA
VP of Lease Accounting,

Jonathan Crawford - Chief Architect LeaseAcceleratorJonathan Crawford
Chief Architect,