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Beyond the software:
Leasing as a managed service for healthcare

Attendees will learn:

What is a managed service and how does RGP leverage LeaseAccelerator to provide the service
What are the benefits of using managed lease accounting services
What can private companies learn from the challenges faced by public companies
What unique challenges are found in leasing for healthcare organizations, and how can RGP help
Why managed services will play a greater role as organizations move forward
Who should be included in the analysis of a leasing solution

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Hear from leasing experts from RGP and LeaseAccelerator as they discuss the challenges in becoming and staying compliant, the savings that can be achieved through effective lease management, and how your organization can shift its attention from finding the right software to finding the right outcomes.

Healthcare organizations are under extraordinary pressure to drive efficiency and most are looking for ways to streamline business processes and improve cash flow. It’s well known that leasing is a strategic financial tool that can optimize resources, but leasing and the compliance processes it requires can be complex. To make the compliance journey easier, many are looking at the possibility of using a managed service provider to take over Lease Lifecycle Automation. Instead of using expertise and resources in-house, they are leveraging experienced partners. These partners can help private companies as they start their compliance journey, as well as support their public counterparts who are reevaluating the software they selected for compliance with ASC 842.


Dennis Carey, CFA
Senior Director – Solution Consulting,

Tim Tickle RGP

Timothy Tickle
Vice President of Healthcare,
RGP Healthcare

Joni Noel,
SVP Healthcare,
RGP Healthcare

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