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Building a Business Case for
Lease Management

In partnership with FEI

Attendees will learn:

Understand what Lease Lifecycle Automation is and how it differs from lease accounting software
How your organization can leverage this type of Lease Lifecycle program to move beyond lease accounting compliance and streamline the competitive sourcing/bidding process
Identify the financial benefits of automating governance and end of lease management
Assess the potential ROI of an effective Lease Lifecycle Automation program

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Lease lifecycle automation platforms are a new type of financial solution that manage the full leasing process, improving cash flow and simplifying compliance. Managing leases is complex and requires taking a holistic view of leasing from signature to sunset for the lowest cost and risk.

During this educational webinar, Len Neuhaus, CPA, VP of Lease Accounting and Dennis Carey, CFA, Senior Director – Solution Consulting discuss the definition of a fully integrated Lease Lifecycle Automation program. Presenters also share how optimizing the lease lifecycle delivers ongoing compliance, as well as ROI from a lease portfolio at every stage of the leasing lifecycle, from sourcing to accounting and end-of-lease governance.


Dennis Carey, CFA
Senior Director – Solution Consulting,

Len Neuhaus, CPA
VP, Lease Accounting,

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