Cummins Inc. Case Study:

Implementing a Global Equipment Lease Management Program

Learn How Cummins Saved Millions on Equipment Leasing

Global Treasury Organization Led a Company-Wide Program to Transform Leasing

The Cummins treasurer explains the key challenges Cummins was facing with its equipment leasing program and how it secured executive sponsorship for a transformation program. Additionally, Cummins outlines the five best practices it has established to optimize its leasing program.

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Key Learnings

  • Which organizations led the project
  • How they got participation from international business units
  • What the business case was for the project
  • What cost savings have been realized from the change

Understand how Cummins achieved savings through:

  • Standardizing lease versus buy analysis
  • Competitively bidding out equipment leases
  • Reducing evergreen fees


Jay McGlynn Former CROJay McGlynn
Former CRO,

Neil Banwart of CumminsNeil Banwart 
Director – Corporate Treasury,