GASB 87: A More Detailed Look

Tackling GASB 87: A More Detailed Look

How to Take the Next Steps in Your Lease Accounting Project

The new lease accounting standard for governmental entities in the US – GASB 87 – will likely be the biggest and most complex initiative that controllers and financial accounting teams will tackle in 2020. To achieve on-time compliance with GASB 87, accounting groups must start preparing for adoption now by getting a head start on the most critical steps for compliance and learning from the pitfalls of public and international companies that have already adopted their lease accounting standards.

During this webinar, lease accounting experts from RGP Healthcare and LeaseAccelerator take a deeper dive into the GASB 87 lease accounting standard, discussing the practical steps you should take to achieve and maintain GASB 87 compliance.

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Learning Objectives

  • Where you should be in your lease accounting implementation project for GASB 87 at the beginning of 2020
  • How you should approach new policies, processes, and controls to meet the GASB 87 compliance requirement
  • Manual vs. Automated: How you can effectively manage your resources for initial lease accounting compliance and ongoing lease administration
  • Where you can look to find your leases and the data needed for GASB 87 compliance


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