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How to excel without spreadsheets -
An IFRS 16 case study

Attendees will learn:

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Overview of IFRS 16 and lease compliance requirements
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Explore why organisations start with spreadsheets and why this approach is not sustainable
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Understand the value of lease lifecycle automation
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Hear practical customer implementation experiences

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Project Plan

Achieving compliance with IFRS 16 was a catalyst for change within many organisations. Some were motivated to embark on digital finance transformations, using automation to deliver end-to-end process improvements and cost savings. Others had good intentions which were wiped out by pandemic pressures and economic uncertainty, leading to significant spreadsheet reliance. These organisations may have limped across the compliance finish line, but they’re not ready to run the race again.

Watch leasing experts from Deloitte and LeaseAccelerator as they uncover the key challenges with spreadsheets, from data capture and governance through to core accounting treatments. Hear real life experiences from one of Australia’s leading agri-foods company, Rivalea, about why they moved away from spreadsheets, the benefits they realised and how Lease Lifecycle Automation is now enabling them to excel within their organisation.


Joel John
Deloitte Australia
Ilzette Bouwer
Financial Controller,
David Byrne
General Manager APAC,

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