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Lease Accounting – ASC 842: What private companies can learn from public companies

Attendees will learn:

Key ASC 842 timelines and requirements for private companies
Lessons learned from public company implementations
How Lease Lifecycle Automation (LLA) supports long-term compliance
Advantages of automating your leasing program

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Most public companies significantly underestimated the complexity associated with implementing the ASC 842 lease accounting standard. Most admit that they started late and did not assign enough resources or enough budget. Fortunately, private companies get to learn from these mistakes and have had extra time to get the right plans in place. By looking at opportunities to automate each stage of the leasing process, private companies can not only become compliant faster and with fewer headaches, but can achieve long-term, sustainable compliance.

In this webinar you will learn how Lease Lifecycle Automation (LLA) allows companies to build and manage an end-to-end view of leasing, getting them to compliance faster not just once, but continuously in the face of changes and growing complexity. You will learn how this approach to lease accounting can also deliver significant cost savings throughout the leasing process, across the business.  So, join us as we cover lessons learned from the public companies and how private companies can get it right the first time.


Jonathan Crawford - Chief Architect LeaseAccelerator

Jonathan Crawford
Chief Architect,

Bruce Conway
VP, Lease Accounting,

Michael Ahart
VP, Accounting Quality

Danielle Lee
Managing Editor,
Accounting Today

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