Tackling ASC 842

Using Technology for Automating Lease Accounting

You thought ASC 606 was hard? Tackling ASC 842 is even more complex! According to recent Big 4 studies, both private and public companies are now reporting they underestimated the heavy lifting of implementing and complying with the new lease accounting standards.

Watch this webinar replay to hear lease accounting experts from Vaco and LeaseAccelerator share real-world examples and discuss how companies are leveraging technology to automate and overcome the complexities of transitioning and sustaining compliance.

You will learn:

  • How to accurately estimate the burden of implementing ASC 842 and IFRS 16
  • The operational changes/transformation needed in order to maintain complete and accurate lease data every month, quarter, and year
  • How real-world companies leveraged automation for ongoing data collection, applying policies, and reducing risk
  • How transitioning to a sustainable, long-term model for success that leverages systems, processes, and controls can ensure accuracy and completeness, and remove costs and risks of manual intervention

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Alex Klein, CPA
Solution Consultant

Yulia Ellison, CPA
Implementation Specialist

Jean Caldwell, CPA
Project Manager

Ranica Arrowsmith
Technology Editor
Accounting Today