Planning for 2020: LeaseLifecycle Management


With the introduction of the new lease accounting standards there is now significant compliance risk associated with managing your lease program as part of the accounting close process. A poorly planned lease program can easily end up impacting corporate plans, in addition to being very costly when you evaluate the full lifecycle of a lease.

Lease accounting experts from LeaseAccelerator and the Financial Executives Consulting Group (FECG) discuss how automating end-to-end lease lifecycle management and administration reduces cost pressures, ensures completeness and accuracy of data, minimizes FTE burdens, and offers the best support for sustainable lease accounting compliance.

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Key Learnings

  • Summary of lease accounting lessons learnedfrom public companies
  • The value of lease lifecycle management andadministration
  • Interpretation of lease lifecycle reporting andanalytics for greater insights into terms andcosts of leases
  • Leveraging lease accounting software forautomating the management of leases, assetsand sustainable compliance


Len Neuhaus, CPA VP Lease Accounting, LeaseAcceleratorLen Neuhaus, CPA
VP Lease Accounting,

Bruce Lynn, CTP Managing Partner, The FECGBruce Lynn, CTP
Managing Partner,