Making Lease Abstraction Successful

Real estate and equipment leases can be spread out across different departments, located in different countries, and have contracts in different languages. In order to centralize and analyze the lease data for long-term accounting and compliance, those leases need to be abstracted into a centralized repository – a Lease Lifecycle Automation platform. It’s critical to get the most accurate information about each lease for the downstream reporting and compliance requirements, but ensuring data quality can be difficult. As a result, most organizations turn to lease abstraction service providers to get it done right.
During this webinar replay our leasing experts share what lease abstraction is and how to make your abstraction project successful.

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Learning Objectives

You will learn:

  • Where to look in your organization for leases
  • Understanding lease abstraction
  • The value of using a partner to do lease abstraction
  • How to get ready for an abstraction project
  • Alternatives to lease abstraction


Bryan Seck
Vice President, Global Alliances

Yulia Ellison, CPA
Technical Accounting and Implementation Specialist,