Navigating the Downturn:
Renegotiating Leases to Enhance Liquidity

How to Preserve Cash and Enhance Free Cash Flow

With cash management taking hold as a new daily activity, businesses are exploring any and all additional efforts needed to keep daily operations open and enhance liquidity. One of the clearest strategies is a transparent action plan with lessors that focuses on renegotiating the terms of existing leases.  

During this webinar replay, lease accounting experts from LeaseAccelerator Michael Keeler, CEO and Len Neuhaus, CPA, VP of Lease Accounting discuss how you can address the volume of changes to lease portfolios while maintaining the best and most flush cash flow position during these times of economic uncertainties.

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Key Learnings

  • How to maximize free cashflow through improved lease management and sourcing
  • Techniques to enhance and preserve cash flow by modifying existing leases and negotiating new leases
  • How to automate lease accounting and lease management for improved governance, processes and control


Michael Keeler
Chief Executive Officer

Len Neuhaus VP LeaseAcceleratorLen Neuhaus
CPA, VP of Lease Accounting