The “New Normal” of Lease Accounting

A Panel Discussion

Most organizations have been in a holding pattern these past few months as they wait out the downturn. The reality is that today’s business environment has a new set of rules powered by a remote and decentralized workforce, new cash management strategies, and shifting real estate and equipment lease needs. With the right platform, you can use lease modifications, the end-of-term process, a remote workforce and compliance delays to adapt to the new normal. From improved cash flow and strategic capital management to better governance and valuable business insights, automating the leasing process can drive significant impact to your bottom line.
During this webinar replay our panelists, Bruce Conway, Michael Ahart, and Shantanu Bhattacharya, along with moderator, Len Neuhaus cover the ways LeaseAccelerator customers are using Lease Lifecycle Automation (LLA) to adapt.

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Learning Objectives

  • What is Lease Lifecycle Automation (LLA)?
  • How LLA makes it easier for companies adjust to the new normal
  • Practical examples of how companies are using LLA to reduce costs and manage cash
  • How customers are using LLA to transform their close process with a remote workforce
  • Guidance around implementing a LLA solution in your business


Len Neuhaus, CPA
VP Lease Accounting,


Bruce Conway
VP Lease Accounting,

Michael Ahart HeadshotMichael Ahart
VP Accounting Quality,

Shantanu Bhattacharya HeadshotShantanu Bhattacharya
VP Lease Accounting,