Real Estate Lease Accounting and Administration

Understanding the Hidden Complexities of Real Estate Lease Accounting

Real estate leases make up the largest dollar value of most lease portfolios, which means that errors in real estate lease accounting may have greater risk due to their likelihood to be material. Adding to the risk is that there are many hidden complexities of real estate lease accounting under ASC 842 and IFRS 16 that many long time real estate executives haven’t considered, including new system requirements.

In this webinar, real estate lease accounting experts, Scott Silver and Mark Koppersmith, discuss some of these hidden complexities as well as how to best approach them.

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Key Learnings

  • Asset retirement obligations
  • Lease and non-lease components
  • Reassessments, modifications, and remeasurements
  • Variable rents
  • System requirements for real estate lease accounting


Mark Koppersmith, VP of Product StrategyMark Koppersmith
VP Product Strategy,

Scott Silver, Solution ConsultantScott Silver
Real Estate Leasing Solution Consultant,