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Our mission is to help organizations turn leasing into a strategic financial tool that improves cash flow through business insights and compliance. Changes in lease accounting standards will result in more than $5 trillion worth of real estate, technology, transportation, and equipment leases moving onto corporate balance sheets in the coming years. Using a centralized SaaS platform to manage leasing can become a competitive advantage.

Our Manifesto
Lease Accounting 2.0 by LeaseAccelerator


Reinventing the way businesses lease

The challenges with leasing go much deeper than accounting. Organizations struggle to track the assets they are leasing. Equipment leases are not canceled at the end of the contract and auto-renew year-over-year. Companies end up paying 2-3X the original purchase cost. Real estate teams miss critical deadlines for renewing their office leases and end up paying higher monthly rents.  Our mission is to change that! 

Our Vision


Meet your newest financial software application

ERP applications are great for managing assets that you own, but they were not designed for tracking assets that you lease. Companies have attempted to administer their leases using spreadsheets, emails, and yellow sticky notes. But these approaches do not scale, especially at large organizations with multi-billion dollar lease portfolios.

A New Category of Software

With $5 Trillion in portfolios worldwide, leasing is one of the biggest areas of corporate spend yet to be disrupted by technology. It’s time for a new type of financial application designed specifically for the assets you don’t own. One that supports the unique sourcing, invoicing, tracking, and accounting business processes required for leases.  At LeaseAccelerator we are building a new category of software uniquely designed to address the challenges of leasing.

Lease Accounting 2.0

Awards & Recognition

We’re building a new software category!

The Enterprise Lease Lifecycle Automation market is experiencing double-digit growth rates on its trajectory towards $1 billion. And more and more industry analysts and media publications are beginning to take notice of this disruptive new category of software.

2020 LeaseAccelerator Awards & Recognition

The biggest accounting change in history: $3 trillion of leases move on to corporate balance sheets

The world is taking notice as trillions of dollars of leases move onto corporate balance sheets and business processes move off spreadsheets onto enterprise lease accounting applications. Our experts are leading the conversation.

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Pioneers in digital transformation of the leasing process

Our customers range from large-cap, publicly traded companies with multi-billion dollar portfolios to high-growth, venture-backed startups with a handful of office leases. We also service a number of the world’s most prestigious higher educational institutes and a select list of government agencies overseeing some of the world’s largest population centers. Collectively, our customers depend upon LeaseAccelerator to manage over a billion assets and generate financial reporting for over $200 billion of leases. 

LeaseAccelerator Customers

No one is more passionate

about transforming your leasing program!

Leasing is the one and only thing we do. And no one is more passionate about making leasing programs successful than us! We’ve hired a dream team of leasing experts from Global 500 companies, Big Four firms, and Top 10 Leasing companies. These experts bring best practices in finance, accounting, treasury, tax, real estate, procurement, and supply chain functions.


Bringing digital transformationto the leasing lifecycle

While great software is critical for automating and scaling a leasing program, true digital transformation requires reimagining business processes, redesigning organizational structures, and redefining the success criteria. As a result, we partner with a network of Big Four, financial advisory and business process outsourcing firms to help our clients with future state design, change management, and systems integration.

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