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LeaseAccelerator provides a wide range of educational materials to assist those on their journey to understanding the new lease accounting standards, establishing best practices for real estate and equipment lease management, and achieving cost savings on the lease portfolio.

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If you’re curious about a variety of leasing topics from adopting the new lease accounting standards and staying compliant past the deadline, to lease versus buy and competitive sourcing, visit our LeaseAccelerator blog to read articles written by our leasing experts.

Executive Guides

In order to assist companies with improving their leasing processes, LeaseAccelerator developed executive guides covering topics including adopting the new lease accounting standards, maintaining compliance with the new standards past the deadline, and managing the real estate and equipment lease portfolio.

Project Plans and Documentation

White Papers & Handbooks

LeaseAccelerator’s White Papers and Handbooks section contains a comprehensive guide to the new FASB ASC 842 standard, a joint publication with PwC, and a variety of research studies and third party publications on the state of leasing, among other materials.


Watch one of LeaseAccelerator’s many on-demand webinars or register for one of our upcoming webinars. The webinars cover topics including the new lease accounting standards, the impact of the standards on specific industries, and lease sourcing. Many of these webinars are co-hosted by one of LeaseAccelerator’s implementation partners.

Playbook for Lease Management

Checklists & Tools

If you’re looking for lease accounting sample project plans or budgets, checklists for the leasing data fields you need to collect, feature requirements for lease accounting software, or even a lease classification tool, visit our checklists & tools section.

Case Studies

Do you feel like adopting the new lease accounting standards is overwhelming? Do you feel like getting your lease portfolio under control and well-managed is impossible? Explore the Tyson Foods and Cummins case studies to learn how that’s not the case.

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If you need a quick explanation of various lease accounting concepts, such as asset-level lease accounting, real estate versus equipment leasing, or transitioning for the new standards, watch some of our brief leasing videos.