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16 March 2021

10 Cash Preservation Leasing Tactics

Learn how organizations like yours can achieve cost savings by utilizing Equipment Lease Management software and Leasing Centers of Excellence to increase cash flow.

18 March 2021

EY and LeaseAccelerator Global Lease Accounting Survey Results

Join EY and LeaseAccelerator to hear industry benchmark data from the 2020 Global Lease Accounting Survey to understand how organizations are managing their leasing process.

ASC 842 ComplianceLease ManagementUncategorizedWebinars
February 2, 2021

ASC 842 Compliance: Paths of Lease Assistance

Join leasing experts from Vaco and LeaseAccelerator as they cover how private organizations like yours can achieve ASC 842 compliance despite limited resources.
Lease ManagementWebinars
January 26, 2021

8 Weeks to Lease Accounting Implementation Success: FastTrack

View LeaseAccelerator’s FastTrack approach that uses a solution that incorporates decades of implementation experience to help private companies can get a head start on their compliance journeys.
ASC 842 ComplianceLease ManagementWebinars
January 14, 2021

The First 90 Days: 5 Steps to Compliance

Join experts from Baker Tilly, Mohr Partners and LeaseAccelerator to learn how Lease Lifecycle Automation can help lower the risks created by market change and drive better decisions.


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Myths and Risks of Using Spreadsheets

for Lease Accounting

eBooksEquipment Lease Management
June 22, 2020

Navigating Through Change

This guide highlights instant cashflow improvements and long-term benefits you can achieve by modifying your leases and utilizing a Lease Lifecylce Automation platform.
eBooksEquipmentLeaseBuyWhite Papers
March 22, 2020

15 Critical Success Factors for Your Equipment Leasing Program

Learn the 15 critical success factors for equipment leasing & save millions on your equipment lease portfolio.
Private company leasing compliance lessons: 9 things private companies can learn from public companies eBooksPre-Adoption
March 17, 2020

Nine Lessons Private Companies Can Learn from Public Companies

Find out the lessons public companies learned during their lease accounting projects - so you can avoid the same mistakes.

Free Tools

Free Tools
October 19, 2020

Free Cash Flow Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the savings potential that is generated by an FMV (Fair Market Value) equipment lease.
AppsFree Tools
August 27, 2020

Project Plan – FASB Lease Accounting Standard

To implement the new lease accounting standards, first you will need to define the project team, gain executive sponsorship...
AppsFree Tools
August 27, 2020

Checklist | 90 Days Until the Lease Accounting Deadline

To help companies in their final transition efforts, LeaseAccelerator prepared a list of the 90 Things Lease Accounting Teams Need to Do in the 90 Days Before the Deadline.

Complying with the new ASC 842 lease accounting standard by:

Collecting, abstracting and reconciling data
Evaluating, selecting and configuring software
Integrating with SAP general ledger and accounts payable
Updating financial policies and controls
Case Studies
February 17, 2021

OSF HealthCare Lease Accounting Case Study

OSF HealthCare began looking for a lease management solution when they realized their manual approach wouldn’t be sustainable for meeting the requirements of ACS 842. The company also needed to…
AustraliaCase Studies
March 11, 2020

Cummins Equipment Lease Management Case Study

Learn the benefits Cummins achieved by centralizing Equipment Lease Management using standardized processes, controls, and systems: Reduced Cost of Equipment Leases Through the automated RFP process, over 73 competitive sourcing…
AustraliaCase Studies
March 11, 2020

NuStar Lease Accounting Case Study

Read the lessons learned from NuStar Energy’s journey to comply with the new lease accounting standards and the benefits achieved from implementing an enterprise lease accounting software application: Compliance NuStar…

Leasing is complex — with constantly changing assets and terms, decentralized data, and evolving compliance standards. You need a better strategy.

With our lease lifecycle automation platform, you’re always compliant across real estate and equipment assets from selection to sunset, with better cash flow and lower cost at every stage.


10 Ways to Preserve Cash With Leasing

Looking for ways to preserve cash? Here are 10 ways leasing can help.

May 12, 2020

10 Ways to Preserve Cash With Leasing Infographic

New infographic detailing 10 ways to preserve cash with lease management. Think about how much you could save!
First Quarter of ASC 842 10Qs InfographicsResearch
March 18, 2020

The First Quarter of ASC 842

An Analysis of 10-Q Disclosures for S&P 500 Companies It’s been just over six months since ASC 842 went into effect on December 15, 2018. And already 395 of the…
December 2, 2017

12 Enterprise Applications that Track Leasing Data Infographic

As you are evaluating, selecting, and implementing lease accounting software, you will need to consider how your new application will interact with the other financial and operational systems in your…

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